Wednesday, December 12, 2007

75% On track!

Your Life is 25% Off Track

In general, your life is going very well.
You're quite happy with where you are and what you're doing.
And even if you get a bit off course, you're usually able to get back on track easily.

I like this test!glad to know that am living 75% on track, so it means that more goodness lives in my heart hahahaha (",)opps, any violent reactions? Well, its been my conviction that i won't let evil drives me in this world... it's very hard to resist temptation to mention the flesh, wealth and power... but i have the strongest weapon to fight all of these, you want to know what is it?

it's the PRAYER... I always pray to GOD to give me courage to be more stronger and steadfast to HIS teachings . I always ask him to guide me and direct me to the right path. If ever I've cross the wrong road, i asked HIM to give me light so that i can find the right direction. Most of all i prayed hard to HIM that i will remain in HIS CHURCH in this last days... Amen!

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