Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Aleighx Fym's first Flower Girl March

It's Aleighx Fym first flower girl march, we are all excited cause at long last she agreed to walk in the aisle without her mom accompanying her.She is now 3 years old and behave enough to be on her own during the march.Her Ate Xia was also in the entourage as little brides maid.

Hence the church is just few steps away from our home,they drop a visit in our house accompany by their papa my eldest brother who proxy as one of the principal sponsor. Am amazed when i saw how they look like. They are so cute, with their lavender colored gowns with matching little princess crown on their hair dress.

Even am busy mixing a salad for that day, i took my phone and take some pictures of my nieces. Of course, tita bing will not allow to end that day without a captured moment.

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