Friday, December 28, 2007

am so drowsy

It's 9:00 o'clock in the evening now,i feel like floating in the air... Wanna know why? hehehehe its the effect of my medicines. My doctor prescribe me to take neozep for my sinusitis, antamin for my allergeconitis and robitussin for my dry cough... no wonder am so high now... coz of its additives.

I felt like sleeping but i need to wait 30 minutes more to have another dose of medicine, wow men........ i feel like flying now, seems am in heaven hahahahaha... what a feeling, i don't like it really coz i have lots of work to do yet, i can't coz of the sensation am feeling now.

Wahhhhh, am so redundant now with my thought, another side effects huhuh...i better stop writing now before a lot of mess will be in here.... till another blogs...

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