Friday, December 28, 2007

Grandma's 93rd birthday

Were so blessed that our beloved grandma reached her 93rd birthday. Mama Eska, as we called her is still healthy for her age. We really thanks GOD for that. Though, we cannot be with her today cause she is in Caloocan City, in thought and spirit were always with her.

We already greeted her through my couz, they inform us that it would be a simple celebration cause the grand party will be on January 6, 2008 as set by our Tita Baby cause she will be coming home from Canada on the 3rd of Jan. By the way Tita Baby is the youngest child of Mama Esca. Hmmmm... initial talk was made if were be going there to attend the event or they will be the one to visit us here in Kidapawan City.

If I will be the one to decide, i want them to visit here so that they can explore our place once again. They have their visit here 10 years ago, Mama Esca really enjoyed their stay with us. She really loves Agco, and will surely loves it more cause its fully develop now. Were so excited to see her once again.... hope it will be soon...

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