Wednesday, December 12, 2007

it's good to be back

Hello world, hello Philippines.... am back after a week of not blogging! it feels good coming back to the cyberworld hehhehehe! I've been so occupied lately and i can't really even peep my fav. site. Thanks GOD i already finished all the designs and my bosses were so kind to approved it all...hehehe or else it will be sleepless nights for me again.

For almost a week am busy designing a year-end calendar for our city so as the tarpaulins sponsored by Coca-Cola Bottlers Corporation.

For a week, my world is rocking.... pressures are coming in not only for my designs but also with the operation here in ITS. Its a tough work whew.... (blood and sweat!)

Hmmmm.... i can breath a fresh air again hahahaha! i posted my design calendar but on CMYK preview.... wondering why? hahahahaha... i will not tell you...(",)",)

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