Tuesday, December 25, 2007

KCITS very 1st yEaR eND PaRtY

Last December 21, we had our very first year end party, exactly 6 months that Kidapawan City Integrated Transport Station was operating.The personnel was all excited and busy preparing for the night celebration.

A day before the party, all committees were ready to do their respective assignments. My section is in-charge of the prices for the parlor games, as early as 9 o'clock in the morning i and one of my staff goes to the grocery store to buy goodies. My committee agreed that prices for the parlor games must be consumable hence most of the personnel are head of the family. Since the budget is so limited, we canvass first and decided what goods will be included and suites the budget. Whew, its a tough job cause It took us whole day to complete the set of prices. We finished the repacking and wrapping of goods at exactly 6:00pm.

After accomplishing our job, i check the food committee if all are set for the next day. I ask if all our " local chef" have got there own set of ingredients for their respective menus. Ate Grace, calls my attention telling that Melga who supposed to mix the maraconi salad wasn't able to report cause her daughter was sick. Wow, i have no choice but to assume the responsibility, Bregie is to the rescue again. I will be the one to cooked and mix the 5 kilos of macaroni salad. I told to them is this a part of my penitence hehehehehe it's so hard but for the sake of the party i will.

As early as 7 in the morning i started cooking the macaroni and am telling you its not a joke to mix 5 kilos of salad alone. I finished cooking at around 11 in the morning and delivered it to the office by 12 pm for chilling. I go back to the office at around 4pm for the final checking if all are set for the 6 o'clock party.

The party started 6:15 in the evening... were just so happy cause our big bosses were able to attend our celebration to think all of the departments were also having their party at same time. Were so flattered cause they stayed for quite sometime with us during the party.

The party is successful, the food is great, the ambiance is so festive. We do enjoy and have fun. THANKS GOD...

We ended the party at 11:30 in the evening, early hehehehe cause operation will be resuming at 4:00 o'clock in the morning.

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