Monday, December 31, 2007

lu-an flee...

Hahahahahaha...hahahahahaha...hahahahahaha...I wanted to laugh that hard. Hahahaha...

Aadrf_sadangel But no matter how I tried I can't do it. I sit at one corner of my room staring at the blank walk, thoughts wandering aimlessly of trying to believe that I have moved on. That I am over you.

Bah! No matter how hard I try I can't. I want to forget you, loose you and just don't wanna think about you. memory constantly reminded me of you.

Is this the feeling of being truly in love? I never believed in it eversince but now...I hated it more. I hate this kind of feeling to want someone so badly but you are left with little or no choices at all.

I wanted her so badly. Madly. I wanted her to be mine for all time. I wanted her so much. It's like my world is never complete without her.All this want all this selfishness. God! why can't you give her to me.

I don't want to be lonely.

Even though I have everything around me now. Still a missing piece is her. Still I am lonely without her.

I don't want to be lonely.

Even if its obvious that I am madly inlove with her...why can't I admit it. Maybe I am just scared of being lonely in the end.


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