Friday, December 28, 2007

Minus- one, on our Family Day

Every year, we have our family day. My whole family travels together, we see to it that we spent quality time for each other. This year our plans are set two weeks before the day comes. My youngest brother takes charge for the booking for our hotel accommodation. I myself makes the itinerary of the family so that we don't missed anything. All are set now, the whole family are excited for that day. Actually, my nieces and nephew have an official count down. To be exact, it will be schedule tomorrow.

Early at 6 in the morning, my father went to the house of my Kuya, the main reason is to remind them that we will go to church early before traveling. The bad news came that my sister in-law can't join us on our trip cause they are advise to be on their post even for holiday season. We felt bad about it cause, few days back she was already permitted to have her leave of absence. My ate is working in the provincial hospital billing section, according to her they just received the notice yesterday afternoon advising them that all leave approved were all canceled due to so many reasons.... reason's that makes us sad. It's not a family day to be consider cause were not complete.

Hmmmmmmmmm..... well, am still hoping that she will be exempted since 5:00 pm is not yet over hehehehehe. Hope we will still enjoy even were minus-one!

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