Monday, December 24, 2007

my back log tagged. Sexy Blogger and Beautiful Blogger Award

Ellaine tagged me again, thanks for the effort I do appreciate it.

Sexy Blogger:
Hmmm...Am I Sexy hahahahaha, Well,sige na nga hehehe, Anybody can be sexy in her own way. Being sexy not only focus on the physical attributes of a person, i do believe that being sexy is an instinct.It depends on how she carry herself. She can be sexy the way she talk,the way she moves, the way she dress up and the way she express herself. A person with good communication skills is very sexy for me. Actually, being sexy comes naturally.( am talking to myself hehehehe)

Beautiful Blogger:

Beauty comes within our heart. Being beautiful inside and out is one of the greatest asset a person can have ( meron ako non whahahahaa kapal ). Mind you being beautiful physically has a lot of advantages,it can be a stair to stardom, a good opportunity to landed a good job, to become famous and to be admired by men hahahahaha. But i still prefer being beautiful inside cause once you posses such, everything will follow. Being beautiful inside is a quality that cannot be bought unlike physical beauty that can be attain with the help of science.

Thanks sis for tagging me again and again.

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