Tuesday, December 4, 2007

mY bEs biRThDaY..

iT's my bEssY's birthday! This year was very tough for this guy, he had a tragic car accident that almost KILLED him... His second life this year was grace by our Dear GOD! No wonder..... cause my bes is a certified SON OF GOD! Few to mention, he has a big heart,a loving son, a good buddy, a thoughtful friend and very loyal to her gurl!

Am so bless to have him in my life.... were best of friends for more than 12 years and our friendship is getting stronger and stronger everyday. We've been into a lot of trials in our friendship but we keep each other still! We shared a lot of heartaches, failures, gossips, intrigues and each others success!

I love this guy so much! His not only my bestfriend, his my brother, my buddy and of course my partner in crime... that's what friends are for heheheheheh! Though we don't see each other as often as before cause of our tight schedules.... the THOUGHT as BESTFRIEND will always remain in our hearts...

Bessy... i thank GOD for giving YOU to me as my BESTFRIEND! I always treasure you! love yah... mwahhhhhh!

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Andrew Melwin said...

Happy Birthday ..
may you be cute & strong all your life