Monday, December 24, 2007

my besfren Ember

Iris December Broca Maranga.... my good pal, my good buddy, my sistah, my partner in crime,my lady besfren....We've been together for almost a decade now. We started as college buddies and time mold us to become best of friends.

This gurl of mine is so pretty.... mind you she is tall 5'8"! Her physical look is an added bonus cause she is really pretty inside and out. As years goes by I watched how she transform to become a lady hehehehhe.... know why cause the first time i met her she is very childish. Can you imagine a tall lady will stamp her feet again and again and cry like a little gurl in front of the class cause she left her booklet in Statistics? whew... i can't really forget that one. Hahaha, mind you that make her famous inside the campus hahahahaha! Love you gurl kahit nilaglag kita slightly... peace... wag mo kong sumbong kay Honey mo ha kasi baka di na ko padalhan ng chocolates sa next package nya hahahahha.

Kidding aside, i admire the wit and courage of this gurl. She really transform well, she became strong and better everyday. She experience a lot of pains and trials but with the help and guidance of our LORD GOD she stand still with flying colors.

Last December 23, she received a wonderful birthday gift from his HONEY. A house of her own... i know this is one of her dream and am happy cause it was fulfilled on her 28th birthday. The most awaited blessing and house warming of her very own house so long with her extended birthday celebration was attended by her family, relatives and closest friends which includes me hehehehe... I travel all the way from Kidapawan City to Davao City to support her. That's how i love this gurl....

Her house is the PINOY BIG BROTHER HOUSE OF EMILY HOMES, it is very colorful. Every corner has its distinct colors. It looks very nice and as you enter the house you can really see and feel the so called " LABOR OF LOVE".

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