Wednesday, December 26, 2007

my favorite garden scents

I love collecting colognes,specially gardens scents. I've tried different brands of colognes but Victoria's Secret Garden collection caught my heart. I do love the smell, its very unique and invigorating. Hmmm.... its kinda expensive but worth buying for hehehehe.

One of my favorite garden scent collection is my Desiree. This scent comes from grapefruit, jasmine and mango. It is very mild, i use this scent when my sinusitis attacks. It has a soothing smell that has calming effect.

My other choice is Pure Seduction.I agree with its name cause when you spray this scent, it can awaken a sleeping soul. The scent can caught attention, and very seducing cause of its sweet smell. It come from Casaba Melon, Plum and Freesia. Actually this is the favorite scent of my nephew Andrei.

Pearl Glace, wow.... the scent of this cologne is so refreshing. It is a combination of Pearl Nectar, Cassis and Violet. hmmmmmm..... i la... love the smell! I usually use it when i wear formal clothes specially going to church cause i feel that the scent really suits the occasion.

More scents will be coming soon hehehehe... Am still waiting for my Forbidden Fantasy scent. According to my supplier her flight attendant friend will be coming home early january and she already bought my order. So excited bout it.... till then... Sarap maging mabango pero nakakabutas ng bulsa!

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