Saturday, December 22, 2007

my nephew

One of the reasons of my smile everyday is my Nephew. Actually he is the 1st and so far the only nephew that i've have.He is with us for more than 3 years now. Actually he grows with us cause his parents is working in Davao city. I and my mom personally take care of him while his papa and mama is away.

Am very attached with this kid, wanna know why? cause he grows with me. I treated this little boy as my own baby since Tita Bing is single hehehehehe. He is sleeping with me since he was 2 months old until now. Mind you, he can't sleep without tita Bing beside him, cause according to him " gusto ko si Tita kasi MABANGO" hahahahaha. Well, I guess this boy is just so immune with my smell, but his telling the truth, kids don't tell a lie Whew,are u convince? or am just convincing myself huh?

Anyways, as i watched him grows, I do find him a very smart kid. As early as one year old he already knows how to count 1 to 10 and never talk like a baby hehehehehe his tongue is so straight. At the age of 2 he can already read the letter of alphabet and can sing Bahay Kubo completely. Actually his papa and mama bought him a DVD that contains the famous nursery songs, that why he can memorize fast. He can distinguished colors and shapes too.

Now he is 3 years old and so talkative, he loves to sing not only the nursery songs but even theme songs of top rated tv shows of GMA7. To mentioned his favorite theme songs Captain Barbell by shomrock, Zaido i just forgot the band who sang it and the phenomenal MARIMAR theme MAHAL KITA by Gerald Santos . Mind you, he requested his papa to buy the CD of the later cause according to him GERALD is his favorite singer. If you just saw and heard how he sang the song mahal kita you will be truly amaze cause my nephew sang it very well.

Actually we always play the song in since he already know how to operate the laptop computer. He is just using the touch pad hehehehehe no mouse at all. He can open the laptop by himself, since it is online he knows how to connect. I've bookmark the sites he loves to visit like disney chanel, nick jr, youtube and a lot more. Since he is familiar with the icons in the desktop, he will just click the mozilla and then go to the bookmarks and choose the site he wants to connect. He is very smart, very advance hehehehehe, no wonder kasi may pinagmanahan hahahahaha. Am so proud of him, he never fails to amaze his parents everytime they went home to visit him cause he has a lot of talent to share.

I can considered him as a gifted child, thats why we guided him closely. I just can't forget when he was just 2 months old, i bought a CD of bethoven and mozart and everytime we played it he responded intensely.Hmmmmmmmm, i don't know if it has connection til now cause of the wit he posses as early as his age.

Nahhhhhhh, anyways it's all in the genes hahahahahhaha.Above all we thank GOD for giving him the talent. We always pray to GOD to give him a bright future, to make him healthy,smart, loving, humble and above all have faith in HIM.

I love my baby, ANDREI BRIGGS. mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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