Thursday, December 20, 2007

Never Ending THANK YOU

Am so thankful cause another year was given to me by GOD. My heart is filled with joy and gladness.I felt so overwhelm, the love and blessing of GOD to me and to my family as well is indeed overflowing.

YOU love me still despite of the sins and regressions I've committed. YOUR love makes me stronger and keeps my faith fire burning.

Thank you GOD for accepting me once again. Thank you for everything YOU'VE gave me, thank you for guiding me, thank you for showing me the right path, thank you for making me safe always, thank you for keeping my family safe and healthy, thank you for making my working area a happy place to stayed with, thank you for giving me nice persons around me, thank you for the good and bad experience, thank you for letting me surpass the trials.

DEAR GOD thank you for making the YOUR TRUE CHURCH safe and shinning, thank you for keeping YOUR CHURCH ADMINISTRATION healthy and full of love, thank you for keeping us inside your CHURCH in the last days.

My heart can't say more except for the word THANK YOU. THANK YOU JESUS for always mediating us to OUR LORD GOD. My never ending THANK YOU LORD,I WORSHIP YOU, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH..

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