Thursday, December 27, 2007

RE-connected with my KUYA JHUN

I was surprise by a text message from a unknown number powered by I just ignore it at first coz its not my attitude to entertain strangers specially in my cellphone. Another message beeps up and to my surprise the one who's texting me is my KUYA JHUN.

It's been 2 years that we don't have communication since he left for Qatar. He is a Civil Engineer by Profession. He work as Senior Specialist on Operation, Management and Design. Am glad we have communication again.

I've known Kuya Jhun for 3 years now. He is one of our consultant engineer in the INFRES PROJECT. He was hired by the City Government to help us facilitate the project needs and speed up the requirements for immediate approval. Am still at City Planning Office that time, the project development section is handling the project wherein am designated to overseer the road concreting project.

He is my partner in the road concreting project. We do the 34.5 kilometers land survey together. We walked on the muddy and rough roads for 10 days, rain or shine in the identified barangays of the city. He is very professional, despite of his position, he is really humble enough to share his knowledge. One thing i cant forget about him is that " he always have baon hehehehe, it may be sandwich, candies or anything that can be eaten along the way" According to him " mahirap ang nagugutuman", hmmmm,,,, i agree, that's why Am calling him Kuya Boy Scout lagi hahaha....

My kUYA is an expert CADD operator, no wonder a lot of big companies after his services. Am not that lucky to have a one on one tutorial lesson with him cause during that time am handling left and right projects of the city.ACtually he is so generous to share his talent for free... Imagine an expert will teach you for free? what a privilege hehehehe... But he promise me, when he will go home by mid-year of next year he will give me special lessons, am so excited to learn AUTO CADD.

Hmmmm...from now on he will be my constant chatmate... in fact, while am writing this were chatting at YM... hehehehe... weird right?

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