Monday, December 31, 2007

reminishing 2007 hehhehehhe

Being love is one of the greatest feelings we've got.... It can do all the impossibles.... move the mountains.... gather the stars.... stop the pouring rain... and we can go all odds"!

Once a person, feels the so called magic in their hearts, its all out.... its a living force that noone can stop it even the stormy skies... Feels like its a never ending happines, once your together seems you wanted to holdback and wished that time must not ended".... Herein you can feel all the synergy forces....

On the other hand;

Heartaches vanished all the synergy forces... it can trim down our confidence, lower once morale and sadden all the smiles in our face... Seems the world is against us, all the way... Very much contrary indeed....

This is life.... unpredictable isn't it?

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