Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Reunited with Ethel Dear

It is indeed a wonderful feeling reunited with my good pal Ethel Vera. She is my former office mates at City Planning Development and Coordinators office. The first time we met, we felt something for each other na hahahahha... we like the same things, we agreed most of the time . i can say were really partners in everything we do, we have the camaraderie. Lay mans term describes us the word "CLICK".

Ether Vera, is now working at World Vision International, General Santos project. Since she started working there, we seldom see each other cause she is so busy and so am I. But distance doesn't hinder our closeness, we really find time to update each others lives including the so called gurl talk " lovelifes" hehehehe.

Am so happy to see her again tonight after 2 months. I do miss her a lot, the wacky and noisy ethel vera hehehehe. As usual, a very warmth hugs and kisses start our bonding moment. We stayed in her room for almost 3 hours just talking, talking, talking, eating ,eating and talking again hehehehheheh. ( we dont miss each other, what do you think?)

Of course its been our tradition to have gifts before the year-ends.... Hmmmm.... we miss our one dear Greta...cause she is in Dubai right now. Were supposedly 3's marias but we have greeted Greta naman....

Ethel and I were so crazy with our gifts... i will feature her gifts to me on my next blog promise hahahaha.

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