Monday, December 31, 2007

saying GOD BYE to year 2007

hi, blogs, few minutes from now, we'll gonna say goodbye to 2007. As I look back, another blessed year will pass by and for sure more challenge will come our way few moments from now.

Year 2007, is one of my unforgettable year. A lot of things happened to me. I fall down, I've got hurt, but thanks GOD for the courage cause HE made me more stronger and am here alive and kicking hehehehhe.....This year is also one of the most challenging year in my life cause, bigger responsibility was put on my shoulder. I was transfered to a new office, I started from scratch, I've experience birth pains of running a new economic enterprise of the city, thanks GOD cause HE always there to HELP ME.Now, am happy cause my hardships bear sweet fruits... This year is indeed memorable.....

Bye bye 2007... thanks for the memories you've gave me!

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