Friday, December 14, 2007

Terrible Friday

i started the day right, i went to church as early as 5:45 in the morning. i cooked our breakfast (pansit ala con chopsuey), we ate together (mama & papa), my ever protected father took me to the office with my cutie-cute-cute nephew andrei briggs. KCITS personnel welcome me with a sweet smile and a warm greeting of " GOOD MORNING". I open the office and one of my staff assisted me turn on all the equipments to be use by us for the whole day.

As a routine, i prepared all the correspondence to be sign by my boss. Schedule for our staff is ready for deliberation hence this coming week will be very busy for us again, Concerns, inquiries,problems and a lot more was thoroughly discussed and it ends at around 9:30 in the morning.

By that time, suppliers, transport operators was coming in and out the office for their respective agenda. i assisted my boss, as usual coz it's part of my job. Am doubling my time hence my other concern was focus on the payment of all our expenses and disbursement of our office . To date is the closing of Accounting books, All expenditures must be obligated and properly accounted or else all expenses made will be halted and it is a big trouble whewwwwwwwwwwwwww, Am just so thankful that i have my ever reliable liaison Kuya Tony who's been very patient in handling the transaction address to different departments.

I went home for my lunch, its already 1:10 pm when i go back to the office coz of the heavy rain. I thought hence its raining, all things will flow smooth as the mood of being relax, no worries at all, but one rang of the phone change the atmosphere. it paints the whole room red hence my temper is rising as i heard the bad news ,whewwwwwwwwwwww very controversial issues, gossips, jealousy, tactlessness and being incosiderate. wahhhhhhhh, it really made me crazy, one rang of the phone, followed by a text message and series of phone calls. Those calls are all bad news, hmmmmmmmmmmm, even the veins in my head are bleeding i still compose myself. thanks GOD coz he gave me light and courage to call all the concerns who caused trouble, we talk for almost an hour then decided to settle it and leave whatever grudges in the spirit of the HOLIDAY SEASON.

i thought it ended there, another rang of the phone knocks me off my feet, Kuya Tony called me up and told me that 2 of our papers was denied by the budget department. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, i wanted to cry, it would be a big trouble hence we badly needed supplies for the coming year. the supplier called me up Jing 2x wanted to cried also cause they are expecting to be paid for that transaction.

Well, i pretended to be a super woman, just keep my focus and approach the right person who could help us solve the problem, of course to the rescue, my ever supportive BOSS. THANKS GOD cause they gave us consideration. Now, am convinced WHOM YOU KNOW ALWAYS MATTERS hehehehehehehe.

Am so happy cause i started FRIDAY WELL and ENDS WELL. THANKS GOD for the guidance and giving more considerate people than not! At around 5:30 pm i leave the office with a SMILE in my FACE. Praises unto GOD.

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