Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Treasure Blog Award from Twerlermz'

Thanks Lermz' for the tagged, I really appreciated it.

I've started blogging late November this year .Actually, my sistah Ellaine invited me link her site and persuaded me to have a blogspot account too. At first, am hesitant to have my own site cause am busy and i don't have time to write though it's not a new stuff for me.

It's been months that am blogging now and am enjoying it really hehehehe... Though am not posting blogs everyday, i see to it that if I have free time i will post double time hahaha... it really depends on my mood of writing.

I love writing, it is one of my passion second to photography. I can't consider myself as a good writer but as long as i can express myself in whatever forms i don't care...Anyways, its a free country, so i can write anything i wanted, even sometimes i can consider it nonsense hehehehehe...

I hope my mood of writing will continue so that i can post blogs as much as i can before the year ends.I pass it to all my links. Happy blogging everyone!


Scotty's Princess said...

ay, starring ako dito,hehehhe.Enjoy blogging te!

briggs said...

yes, starring ka talga kasi kaw ang may pakana ng lahat kaya ako andito hehehehe... thanks uli. GOD BLESS!

Lerlyn said...

I'm glad you like the award amiga.