Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Unexpected Cookies and Cream Overload ice cream

Our big boss give us a surprise visit today , we found out that this day was very important to him cause its their wedding anniversary. He entered the office with a very big smile, of course am glad to see him like that cause its been a while that i don't see such spark in his eyes.

We had a short meeting regarding our operation early next year. After the talks we keep on teasing him that he should give us a anniversary blow-out. He just smiled and replied " di pa kayo natutunawan sa kinain nyo non pasko"...I replied to him " you cannot leave the office without any blow-out, my office mates seconded followed by a loud laugh.

After a minute he stands up and drop a big box from his pocket and says " Pambili nyo ng merienda". We are all happy hehehe, cause our effort pays off. I asked the group what food they wanted to eat, my other big boss suggested " bing spaghetti para walang kumain hehehehehe". I laugh and i asked him " Sir do you like to eat ice cream? for sure wala nyan sa inyo non X'mass... then i laugh!

He answered sure........ seconded by my officemates. I personally bought the ice cream. I took two flavors of ice cream the chocolate rainbow and my ever favorite cookies and cream overload. Hmmmm..... i also bought chippy garlic and vinegar flavor to lessen the sweetness of the ice cream. Sounds weird? well, try it so that you'll know it really blends well. Yummy.... we enjoyed our snack!

Thanks sir for the unexpected ice cream treats! God bless you and Ate Rub's! Looking forward for the next anniversary treats! hehehehe....

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konoha_shinobi said...

i also love cookies and cream..hehehe care to exchange links??
just let me know when you alread added me to your liks so i will link you up to mine!
good day!