Sunday, December 28, 2008

What's Your plan for 2009?

Three days from now, year 2009 will be here! A lot of us have our new year's resolution and some are still thinking what would be their plan for the whole year of 2009. As early as September, our office conducted a management planned for the next year. We already have set the appropriations for the operation and the targets of each section as well. The management also set budget for our office insurance just like other offices that business insurance is always in the top list of priorities. KCITS management is really hoping for the Best for the year 2009.

Most awaited vacation!

The most awaited vacation of my father was finally here. He will be off for work starting tomorrow until January 4 of next year. As early as November we already planned what will be his itinerary of travel and the days he and mom will be spending with family friends and the remaining days would be with us. Tomorrow their first stop would be General Santos City and on the second day they will be going to Pikit, Midsayap, Pigcawayan, Cotabato and they will sleep at Awang! On the 31st, they will be going home to spend with us the New Year's Eve. They will be staying at home on January 1st and on January 2, the whole family will be going to Davao City to spend some quality time together. We will be staying at Elle's Pension House for 2 nights and 3 days. The kids were very excited for our trip cause part of our itinerary , we will going to Crocodile Park, People's Park, watch movie, shopping and if we have free time we will going to Eagles Farm and Malagos Garden. I just wish and pray that our family week vacation would be enjoyable and another memorable time for the whole family.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I have 4G of it!

Last November, I decided to bought another flash memory so augment the storage capacity that I am needing, specially when I am making tarpaulin designs. Finally, I upgraded my 2gig flash drive to 4gig and wishing for a higher one soon. I am very happy with my new toy but I am still using the old one for back-up files. As expected, next year higher memory would be available and I am looking forward to have one, so that I can work worry free even how big the bytes I am making for my designs.

No Holiday Break for Me!

Huhuhuhu.... I have no holiday break, as much as I wanted to have. December month is the busiest month for a transport station, all of our staff received memo's and notices from our Local Chief Executive to have a straight duty meaning no day-offs and leave of absence would be allowed. In fact, I and my boss were present last December 25 and believe it or it is like an ordinary day hence, we are both busy with our paper works. I reported 8:30 am and out in the office past 5 in the afternoon. I and my boss just laugh with our set-up, we don't have a choice but to follow orders. Anyways, we are paid 200% on that day hehehe... at least this coming year we are sure to have an extra allowance for our needs. wink!

Be wise this coming year 2009!

The whole KCITS Admin staff were present las December 25 at the office. We don't have holiday break hence we are an Economic Enterprise and we are operational 365 days a year. I have a serious talk with my boss last Christmas Day and we come to the point of discussing about the Global financial crisis. It was a healthy discussion and we both agree that we must be wiser in terms of financial handling this coming year. I also mentioned him about the low cost term life insurance rates that the companies are offering to attract more customers. He said that it was a good strategy to strengthen the marketing operation specially that financial crisis is really at stake.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Want to Have a Free Wordpress Web Hosting;Joined this Contest!

When I started blogging, I want  to have a site powered by wordpress but unfortunately I was not able to have even one because I don't know how to maximize its features.  When Master Jessie of Technology Talks inform me that he will gonna hold a  free web hosting domain for Wordpress blog, I was so excited cause I am really wanted to learned about wordpress and knowing him to sponsor this kind of contest really sounds fun because I know how supportive he is . I feel so sad when he texted me for the details  and I explained to him that I can't join  his contest cause December was the busiest month for me and I know I really can't manage to have a wordpress blog since I really need to learned more about it besides I need to report for office even on holidays.  But nevertheless, I told him that will still support him by one of the voters.

Reveiling Oneself Blog is supporting the entry of my good friend Ellaine of Lainy's Musings, I know how facinated she is to have a wordpress blog. In fact she had a tutorial lesson with Uncle Che and knowing her personality, she loves to learned and she will never stops until she reaches her goal. 

You guys can also joined this contest. Feel free to read the details below and the prices at stake for the winners of this contest.

  1. RSS Subscription
  2. Blog Posting
  3. Encourage Readers thereby earning points.
  4. Convert your readers to become contestants 
  5. Deadline for submission of entry is December 15.


  1. Blog Posting
  2. Deadline of submission of entry for voters is on December 30, 5PM.


  1. FREE Wordpress-only blog hosting for 1 year with 1500MB web space plus unlimited monthly bandwidth. Domain is not included as prize though.
  2. CASH Prizes for top 3 winners:

1st Prize: $30 (via Paypal) 

2nd Prize: $20(via Paypal) 

3rd Prize: $15(via Paypal) 

Five (5) voters shall also be chosen amongst all VOTERS which shall be randomly selected and receive $10 each (via Paypal) plus surprises.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

My cousin has it!

My cousin Eddie Boy was a victim of cerebral palsy, though he has it since he was 7 months old, the love of his whole family doesn't change at all. In fact, all of us loves him so much. We didn't treated him differently. We talked to him as a normal being which I know he feels good about it. Last September after his 30th birthday, he passed away. We are very sad about it but on the other hand we happy for him and his family cause the burden they felt was over. Taking good care of Eddie Boy was a great sacrifice for my Aunt for she needs to gave up everything but she told us the happiness and love that my cousin brought to her was incomparable of any achievement anyone could have in this world. That was so sweet " A great love of a mother to his son".

How To Cure Candida E-books!

Two days ago, my boss approached me if I can help him buy an E-book on how to cure candida. I taught him how to buy it online but unfortunately his mastercard was not accepted after several attempts. We used another card which was owned by his sister living in US but again it was a failure and I really don't know why.

He knew that I am into blogging activities and again asked some favor if I have E-card so that we can buy an E-book. He is really interested in that book hence he was symptoms and signs of candidiasis. He was gone through a lot of medications and this time he wanted to give a natural way of healing which was included in the E-book.

In the evening of same day, I tried to purchased an E-book for him using my EON account. Wow, it was no sweat at all. In less than 3 minutes, it was already process and confirm and I can download the E-book already. When the purchase was successful, I log on my YM and timely my boss is also online. I told him the good news and he was very thankful and happy on the development. I successfully downloaded all the E-books plus 5 more bonuses with no sweat. I sent it to my boss email account immediately cause I know he is very eager to read it. The E-books was very interesting, I already finished reading only one E-book and still have 6 more to go hehehehe....

Friday, December 12, 2008

Diet on December?

Dieting is really a big question mark on me nowadays specially holidays is here. December is time for eating and I know, a lot will agree with me here! Honestly, I've gain so much this couple of months and my mom is always nagging at me because I don't look good anymore. I know, she is just concerned with my health and I do appreciated her thoughtfulness. I told her that I will go back on strict diet again and this time am thinking of using some weight loss pills to easily discharge the fats on my body.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Token for Icah!

A special request from a good friend was again granted by me... Day-Day as I called her approached me last Thursday to help her design a tarpaulin for her cousin whom will be celebrating her 8th birthday two weeks from now. I'm really wanted to say no, because am still loaded with the Local Government project designs, but for the sake of our friendship I have to spend some time to finished this simple token for Icah's 8th birthday. I hope they will like it!

Memorable Birthday Trip!

Last Sunday, a lot of Filipino movie stars and politicians where on Las Vegas to watched the dream fight of Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao and Oscar " The Golden Boy" Dela Hoya. One that caught my attention was the youngest son of one of the Senators here in our country. According to his dad, this trip was his birthday present to his loving son and indeed became very memorable because its their first time that, only two of them traveled together along the las vegas strip to celebrate his son's natal day plus watching Pacquiao's fight was an added bonus for them hence , it made another momentous history in the World Boxing Arena.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Remembering Marky Cielo!

I am a big fan of Marky Cielo. From day one of reality show Startruck The Sole Survivor Contest, I supported him. I've never failed to vote for him online and through SMS. I've watched his shows like SOP, Bakekang, Zaido, Fantastic Kids and the latest show of GMA 7 Lalola. When I've heard the news last Sunday at Showbiz Central, I was really shocked. I can't imagine Marky was already dead hence I just watched him dancing last Friday at Unang Hirit and enjoyed his segment with Jan Manual at Startalk Struckattack last Saturday afternoon.

This evening, while browsing the net I found some videos made by a fellow avid fan as a tribute to Marky Cielo. I just want to share it with you!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I find it very interesting!

Aside from blogging, what makes me stay in front of my computer is the online scrapbooking. I am still a neophyte on this matter but I really find it very interesting. In fact, if I have free time I used to browse different sites and see the sample designs which makes me more inspired to learned. I know some friends who were hook on this hobby and I really appreciated their respective designs hence it is very unique and mostly speaks their personalities. What makes me more interested in this new found hobby of mine is I can make money from it soon! wink...

Rainy December!

Its a rainy December here in Kidapawan City. No ITCZ was advice from PAG-ASA but quite alarming because since 1st day of the month rainfall is very heavy. In fact, in 3 days straight series of flash floods were reported and 2 precious lives have vanished. Today rain started pouring heavily as early as 11 in the morning non-stop till dawn. No wonder, creeks and rivers were overflowing right now. The LGU disaster unit is on red alert , yesterday they have assisted 25 families living in a near river banks hence water is started eating their place. City Social Welfare Department is also busy attending and assisting the need of our town mates. This morning the Local Chief Executive called a meeting regarding this matter and asking all departments to give help. Our office pledges dry goods and hopefully tomorrow we can give it to the CSWD!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Year-end Thanks giving attire!

Every year as true Christians and servant of GOD we usually have our year-end thanks giving service. Our schedule for this year falls on the 3rd week of December for adults and 2nd week for the children. As early as November my mon already prepares dad's  white tuxedo for the said special occasion. My nieces and nephew already have their respective attire already so as my  mom but sad to say I am not decided yet what to wear on that day. Hmmm.... I am still looking for a cut that suites my getting bigger figure hehehe!

Missing E-drops!

Sad to say that its been months that I've missed E-dropping! I am pre-occupied with my work and every time I got home I am so tired and I wanted to sleep. I want to apologized and same time say thanks to those droppers who hops on my page everyday, I owe you a lot guys. I can't promise that I get back my track on Entrecard but really wishing that I can manage my time this coming days so that I can reciprocate the support you've given me.

4th Quarter Procurement Granted!

As early as November, I already prepared the documents for our 4th quarter procurement. As expected, it took a month before the papers were approved hence it undergone a long process from requesting down to bidding, awarding and release of the items requested. As Admin in-charge I see to it that all supplies requested will be completely delivered in good condition specially the office furniture that we're wishing for such a long time. It will be a big surprised to my boss when he come back from a long vacation leave. Hope he likes it!

December 1 is a Non-Working Holiday!

The month of December is finally here and the first  day  was declared by MalacaƱang as a special non-working holiday in commemoration of Gat Andres Bonifacio's day which is  normally a legal holiday every November 30th of the year, Hence this day  falls on Sunday as expected PGMA moves the holiday to Monday! I don't know if it would be an advantage or a disadvantage hehehe hence I can't feel the difference since we don't have holidays in our operation. In fact, holiday season is the most busiest month here in KCITS because passengers flucks the terminal premises to go home and savour the most awaited holiday vacation galore!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Business Offer!

With the global crisis were facing right now, venturing into any kind of business is really a big risk but to those who decided to have their own franchise of  a well known chain, worries would be lesser hence they know that their investment is worthy. Most establishments that open franchise dealership have a support package from planning, training of employees up to handling the operation proper, that's the very reason why a lot of business wannabe prefers  to avail franchising than running a self conceptualized business.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

UK galore!

I will not deny that I am a surplus fan. Here in our place we have a Association of UK (ukay-ukay). The city government allowed them to occupied the abandoned old terminal space. Though its not that big but, its more accessible and safer than the place they occupied before. Its been two Saturdays that I am spending almost half a day choosing different kinds of garments in that place. I was so thrilled when I was able to bought 4 sets of printed organza embroidered curtain with less than a thousand per set. Mom was so happy because its really a rare opportunity to have a good catch as what I've got. Just recently, mom and I got a chance to buy sets of bed sheet, as usual were the first one to choose in the bundle so we've got 6 pieces queen size of it with less than a thousand pesos, whew, jackpot! Some friends asked me why I patronized those things, I just simply answered them I want to be practical and spent my money wisely. wink!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dad and Mom needs to go diet!

Every year, mom and dad undergo executive check-up. Last Friday, they go to the hospital very early for their schedule of laboratory test such as FBS and alikes. In the afternoon, they go back to the hospital to get the result and then refer it to their respective doctors. The result of their medical exams is not that good, mom and dad have high blood pressures and their sugar level is above normal. Their doctors advice them to have regular exercise, avoid fatigue, eat healthy food and go on a strict diet for their own good. Their doctors had prescribe a lot of medicines for their maintenance on high blood pressures, diabetes and diet supplement like Orovo so that everything will go back to normal as early as one week. Next Friday,will be another series of test for my parent and were hoping for the best development.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Dress it up!

Dressing up is not just for humans. In fact, it is now use for automobiles like motorcycles, cars, bikes and alikes. I know a friend who has into this business and he told me that accessorizing their vehicles gave the owners a taste of fullfillement. He shared that designs and ideas comes from the customers and as an artist they just have to follow what their customers wanted to be done just like an auto body shops orange wherein it looks so hip and trendy.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Andrei at the Tunnel!

I find this picture so cute. My nephew Andrei is playing at the Tunnel like playground at NCCC Mall Davao City. This picture was taken  during his 4th birtday last October 12, 2008 but the night before  his big day we had a simple celebration at home. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sale.. Sale...Sale

According to my long time friend Jerry who is now staying for good in Texas, Black Friday is one of the most awaited and celebrated day in United States. He told me that he and his family is really preparing for this day not only for thanks giving but also for shopping. He shared his funny experienced, celebrating this special occasion for the first time. According to him with his excitement to avail the big sale, he ended up borrowing the credit card of his wife because his credits was totally exhausted hehehe! To date, he told me that he learned his lesson and not be that impulsive buyer anymore.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I miss my BFs!

Its been months since the last time I've hang-out with my BFs, you read it right BFs as in bestfriends hehehehehe... My two bessies ( Iris & Ethel) were both in Davao City. Ethel dear is happily married with dada Raul and very busy with her craft as one of the handler of SMT project under the World Vision Foundation. Bessie Iris is happily committed to Bobby and now busy preparing herself to be a call center agent soon hehehe... I miss these two gurls so much, though we have constant communication but personal bonding is incomparable. I just wish before this year ends, we can unwind together.

Timely needed!

With the global financial crisis were facing , we must be smart and practical nowadays. My best friend give me a call two days ago referring her plans to go on further study and later apply a work with her new craft. She told me that one agency is offering her a work package but I told her that she should check first the business resumes to put all things in order and rest assured it has a good reputation and could help her future venture. I am not playing evil's advocate to her but I just wanted the best for her...

Unfinished Tarpaulin Lay-out

Aside from the usual task in the office, designing tarpaulins and billboards is another special task ordered to me by the Local Chief Executive. To date, I am conceptualizing a local tarpaulin billboard for our City Mayor featuring his special infrastructure projects.  Here's my unfinished lay-out. A lot of enhancement would be needed before it will be finalized for printing but my boss already agreed the idea I am showing in here. I just hope I can finished it with a vengence hehehe...

Again.. Again.. Again

My mom keeps on reminding me to watch out my eating habit. Again and again she told me that I am not looking good anymore and I might be needing a  diet pills  so that my weight will reduce gradually. She is afraid that I might be getting bigger and bigger and fats would be damaging my heart. I feels moms concerned about me and I am very thankful for her because lately I am not really aware how big I am right now. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tarp for DA

For couple of months I was not able to play my favorite CS 2 until last week my boss requested me to prepare a design for Department of Agriculture. It took me sometime to conceptualized the tarpaulin project hence I need to collaborate it with the DA National Design. At first I am a bit hesitant of my concept because It might not fit the taste of the DA Officials and they would prefer the old one. I am just thankful because when my boss presented the design to them they like it and ordered me to go for the printing. Yesterday, I went to the Global Printing Services for the print outs and I am very happy with the output thus It looks so alive. Here's the sample of my design.. wink!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Projects made of Steel

To cope with the latest trend and architectural designs , our local government unit decided to use steel in most of its projects. Recently, a newly build steel buildings was inaugurated for the Surplus vendors located at Mega Market compound. It looks more trendy and stylish compared to other traditional buildings. Another advantage of this project is, it is more economical and program of works is 50% more faster. With the use of this innovative technology our city government can increase its projects without increasing its cost. Sounds great!

Am gaining weigth because of Stress!

Am gaining weight huhuhu... this is the sad fact that I am facing nowadays. My appetite really increase tremendously because of stress. I diverted my fatigue into habitual eating of fried, salty and sweet foods. Whoaaaaah... Imagine, I can't wear my other pants and blouses. Tsk... tsk..tsk... My mom is now scolding me because according to her I am now as huge as a whale hehehehe... I just simply replied If I'll become skinny and sexy I am not BING anymore... pasaway talaga hehehe! wink...

Friday, November 7, 2008

It works, believe me!

Early this year, one product was introduced to our family. At first, I am hesitant of the quality and the benefit it offers to the end users. My father was convince after the demonstration and he decided to purchase one. When I learned about magnetic bracelets, I was so curious about it do my own research about the health benefits its offering. I am also observing my father's body reaction while using the said product. Surprisingly, he looks fresh and healthy since using that product. After two months, I decided to purchase 3 sets, one for my mom and 2 for me hehehe.. A bracelet and an anklet. It's working believe me. Try it!

Over Loaded Again!

Whew, am overloaded again with my work. Since yesterday MBUSSP started to set up our data base management program and I am the one who entertain them hence my boss is out of town. The two day activity was so tedious in my part. I am the administrator of the whole data base program so I need to know all the commands. The program was customize according to the existing system we have from data management down to financial reporting. It was a dream come true for our management to have an Electronic- data management. Though were still on the first phase of program installation, I am very happy with the result because sooner or later I myself will be the first one who will benefiting this project. Imagine, we will be operating paperless in the Admin Section and filing would not be manually done by my staff. Next month, would be the Phase II of the program and I am very excited about it!

Maintenance Request

Wow, time is really fast and I haven't notice that how many days from now 4th quarter would be over again. Last week, I've got a call from Accounting Department to prepare all the documents in connection with our past and future purchases so that it would be obligated by the Budget Department hence, on the 15th of this month they will be closing their books. Hmmm.... another cramping weeks for me hence I need to know all the items still needed specially in our operations. I immediately called up the attention of the Section heads to submit all the items lacking in their respective section. In my Section it was already prepared ahead of time hence I obliged my staff to make an inventory every week so no hassle for that. The maintenance section requested some Harley parts for our equipments. To date preparation of the documents were on the go but 80% of our purchases were done and was already submitted to the requesting department.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Briggs Kiss & Tell

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Hi, guys, happy to inform you that I have a new blog at or simply known as Briggs Kiss and Tell. This blog is born as a remembrance from my unexpected winnings @ Lainy's birthday bash contest. I want to make it more memorable so the prices I've received was invested in this new site. The site is still on going constructions by a good friend Ivy who is one of the sponsors of the said contest. For sure the lay-out will be another a masterpiece of her hehehe... Hope to see there guys!

Wish to have it soon!

I and my family loves watching television together. Last week, I and mom decided to purchase another set for their room hence my nephew Andrei conquered the living room and we can't watch our favorite shows once he held the remote control.  If I have enough savings soon, I am planning to buy a home theater seating this time it would be set in my room hahahaha... How I wish, I could have it soon!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yahoo.... I WON... I WON!

Fireworks myspace profile -
Wow, what a big surprise. I joined Lainy's Birthday Bash Contest as a promised to the celebrant. Unexpectedly, I won hahahaha..... I really can't believe it hence I guess I was the last one who submitted an entry for the said contest. This winning is very sweet for me. Thank you Lainy... mwah! Congratulations also to my c0- winners... Cheers!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Forever Friend!

"Sometimes in life, you find a special friend;
Someone who changes your life by being a part of it.
Someone who makes you laugh until you can't stop;
Someone who makes you believe that there is really good in this world.
Someone who convinces you that there is
an unlocked door just waiting for you to open it.
This is Forever Friendship.

When you're down, and the world seems dark and empty,
your Forever Friend lifts you up in spirit
and makes that dark and empty world suddenly seem bright and full.

Your Forever Friend gets you through the hard times,
and the sad times, and the confused times.

If you turn and walk away your Forever Friend follows.
If you lose your way, your Forever Friend guides you and cheers you on.

Your Forever Friend holds your hand
and tells you that everything is going to be a-okay.
And when you find such a Friend, you'll feel happy and complete,
because you need not worry.

You Have A "Forever Friend" For Life
and Forever has No end.

Thanks for the wonderful friendship you and Scott shared with me. 
I really treasured it.
 Happy Birhtday and wish you all the best of luck ... GOD BLESS!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Health tips from Aunt

When I reach my 30's, I felt a lot of changes in my body. I guess my health is deteriorating because of my lifestyle and the food I am taking. When I shared this thought to my aunt she advice me to take food supplements like vitamin A, E, D and C. I seriously take her advice and from then till now I already included it in my budget. Woman really needs health supplements , so better visit and buy ephedra wherein you can get one best health supplements for women.

Am Home from A very tiring Trip

Yahoo... am home after 5 days. There is no place like home, I am so excited when the airplane landed at Davao International Airport. I wanted to go home immediately because I miss everything in there. I miss my mom and the whole family. I also miss my laptop hehehe... I wasn't able to blog since I left for Subic last Wednesday morning. Though we have wifi connection at the hotel but mind you its not for free, you have to buy a card worth P600 which is valid only for 24 hours, in order to enjoy the service. My boss consume 2 cards on our stay, though I can use it but naunahan ako ng hiya hehehehehe.... murag tinuod baga jud baya ko ug nawong hahahaha (wink)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Nice Forum

During our stay at Legenda Hotel at Subic Freeport, Olongapo City for 3 days aside from the Executive-Legislative Agenda of every Local Government Unit, we also had a chance to discuss about mortgage quotes. Director Pai open the discussion in relation with the projects that MBUSSP are handling and assisted in the area of Mindanao. The forum is very informative and personally I learned so many things on that activity. I wish I can still attend on their upcoming activities next month.

Busy as usual @ SBMA!

Last Friday, we have received a communication from Department of Interior and Local Government Head Office specifically under Mindanao Basic Urban Social Services Project (MBUSPP). The team is inviting us to attend the Executive-Legislative Sustainability Forum to be held on October 23-25 at Legenda Hotel, Subic Freeport Zone, Olongapo City. This is the first time that MBUSSP is holding such kind of event outside of Mindanao. My boss had refer it to our Local Chief Executive and he is very positive with it. Were here in Subic now with Mayor Dodong, VM Luis, my boss and the DILG director of our city.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Give yourself a nice treat!

People nowadays tend to think about work, work and work! They almost forgot themselves and one big example is myself. I used to overwork and its not healthy. I am just so thankful that I have my family and friends who keeps on supporting me and keeping my spirit alive all the time specially when I am so stress and bored with my daily routine. If I have a chance , I would like to pamper myself and give a wonderful break, a good vacation wherein I can unwind and rebuild myself. I heard about Brazil vacation packages which offers a very nice treat. I am so thrilled with their offers and for sure a lot would surely enjoy this one great deal opportunity to unleased your stress, unwind and give yourself a never been tried pampering treat.

Stress... Stress... Stress!

October is really a very stressful month for me. New assignments and obligations was added on my shoulder and I feel really wreak from work. Sad to say, I don't have time for myself, I look 20 years older now hahahaha.... My friends is keep on complaining that I don't have time for them but what can I do I can't really off from work. My boss will not allow me to take any leave of absence because he needs me in the office. Sorry for me huhuhu!

Need more of it!

Since July, I enjoyed having my own digital camera it's a dream come true for me cause I really love taking pictures. I am an aspiring photographer in my own simple ways. To date I have 1 gigabyte memory but since I am aiming to get a wonderful shot I need a full resolution which requires me to upgrade or add more cards so that I can fully enjoy the materials that I would like to take. I am really planning to have one but still scouting for a quality one and of course , fits my budget hehehehe! Wish me luck.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Andrei's 4th Birthday!

Last Saturday we had a simple advance celebration for my nephew's 4th birhtday! Andrei is very happy though he don't have a party. We just had a simple family dinner and we just prepare cake and balloons as requested by the celebrant.

Andrei is enjoying his cake with a big smile!

Blowing of the cake...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Busy... Busy... Busy!

I am not really expecting that month of October will be a very busy month for me. I thought, December will be the start of my hectic days. Unexpectedly, renewal of identification cards for our stakeholders was now approved by the Local Chief Executive and ordered to effect it immediately. As head of the Admin Section, I was the one handling all the details from the designs as well as the evaluation of all the applicants, so long with the computation of all their penalties. I can't even stand up sometimes hence applicants were flocking in my tables. Whew, I hope next month would be a lax one, how I wish hehehe...

I will surely try it!

I am a pie lover from the start, I enjoy different variety of it. Last January, when we visited Manila I requested my cousin to bought a pie for me from Laguna cause I really missed its taste. Am so happy when Ate Bobot arrived with 3 boxes of it hehehe... Just this week I came across  to a new  pumpkin pie which am sure another flavor that will surely hit to a pie lover like me. I told to myself I should taste this one this coming days.


Our office is operating about a year now and I am proud to say that the operation is doing pretty well. The manangement is dreaming of computerized ticketing system  for a better service and two months ago we have a chance to enroll it for assestment. Yesterday, we received a letter form MBUSSP DILG- Manila that our office is qualified for the said project  and we are very happy for this development. This coming Friday technical experts from MBUSSP will visit our place and will take some assessment. Personally, I am excited about it cause its another achievement for the management. If ever it will prosfer KCITS will be the 1st ever computerized government own overland terminal operating in Mindanao... wow it really rocks!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bregie wear's glasses again!

I am wearing my eyeglasses again, after such a long time of freeing my eyes. My doctor advice me to use it everyday specially when I am out for work so that my senses will be stable. There are instances that I feel so dizzy and my eye sight gets blurred, so he said my glasses will be of help. Anyways, the design of my glasses is for double purpose, I can wear it anytime hence the lenses will automatically adjust to the light to protect my eyes from UV rays.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Andrei's Birthday Wish!

My nephew is a big fan of Disney characters. At an early age, he used to identify different Disney cartoon character and of course his favorite is the Big Time Mickey Mouse. Next Sunday, he will be celebrating his 4th birthday. His dad called me up and told me about the plans for his simple celebration here on the 11th hence on the 12th, his birthday they will be going to Davao to have another celebration with his mom. Em can't go home because she will be taking MOCK CPA board on the 11the and 12th of October. Last night, Andrei talked to his mom and Em asked him what gift he wanted to received " Innocently, my nephew answered I want to ride on the boat with mickey mouse, Donald duck , Goofy and Pluto" We all laughed cause he is referring to Disney cruises which he used to watch in the Disney Channel. Her mom, told him okey, soon we will be riding but you should be a good boy always" Andrei, told his mom promise!

How I wish...

Yesterday a good friend Lainy texted me and convincing me to attend the 2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit to be held in General Santos City. I am happy to know that she is very eager to convince me to join to that one big event. Of course, I am excited too but still I can't decide yet whether to attend or not because of my hectic schedule. October is another busy month for us hence renewal of Identification cards for our stakeholders is on the run and I doubt if my boss will allow me to take a leave of absence. I am not closing my doors, anyways, I just wish next week I can fix my schedule so that I can take the last slot for the summit.

Big Decision!

For more than a year of working in Integrated Transport Station here in Kidapawan City, I am happy to say that I was able to established good rapport with the different transport operators. Yesterday, when I was checking the cleanliness of the bus berthing space I was able to talk to the son of our bus operator and he mentioned some developments in their company amidst with the global financial crisis. Big boy as we used to call him told me that they are selling some of their units, In fact he said we already put some bus for sale tags to some of our airconditioned units to buy a new one. Hmmm... good luck big boy!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Top 10 EC Droppers for September

Again a million of thanks to this wonderful people who included my site on their list of dropping EC's everyday. Thank you so much guys, I am so touch hence the month of September was not too cooperative with me and my health was really affects my blogging activities. GOD BLESS all of you guys and to those who never included in my top 10 list I also owe a lot from you!


Dropper# of drops
Picture to People31
Dunia Edukasi30
Lofty Matters30
The Pond30
Is 8 Enough?30
Dunia helper #230
Dunia helper30
PoemofQuotes Blog30
get some29
Look around28

Monday, September 29, 2008

Wise Move for Bonnie!

Our tricycle driver finally decided to apply for an insurance for himself. It's been two weeks since my mother is convincing him to get some for his own good and of course for his family's protection as well. Last night, he was fully convinced after reading the insurance policy and the life insurance quote that attracts his attention. Personally, I helped him fill-up the forms as part of the package deal. Good move Bonnie!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Andrei's Invasion!

Little by little I am getting back myself to blogging activities. Though my hours of staying in front of the computer is now limited due to health constraint. Last weekend I am planning to go back on EC dropping hence its been a weeks that I haven't reach 300 drops. My plan was ruined by my growing up nephew hence once he saw me going toward my room, he will run directly to the computer and will tell me " Tita ako muna gagamit ng Internet, bawal sayo!". I thought he was just kidding at that time but mind you he seriously mean it, I can't use the computer when he is awake. Hmmm... imagine he will be just turning 4 this October 12 but he is now invading my territory! Wawa naman ako!

Cozy and Stylish

Every time we have a guest in our workplace, they used to praise the set-up of our newly built overland terminal. From the design of the building, spacious parking spaces for the public utility vehicles and the stalls as well. In the main building we have a lobby which is full of gang chairs to accomodate and give comfort to all passengers while waiting for their trip. We also have a cafe at the center which is operated by a private individual and am telling you it their food taste good with a very reasonable price. If it is your first time to visit my workplace and saw the cafe am talking about you will first notice their bar stools which is very cozy and stylish. No wonder customers loved seating their because they feel very comfortable.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Diet Diet

It's been a month since I've suffered from bad dry cough which trigger my hyper acidity and hamper my diet plans. wink! I really wanted to go back on my diet but still I can't this time thus I still have to recover from my successive migraine attacks. I need to eat healthy, have enough rest and never stress myself from work which is very impossible this time hence, I am really pressured cause different problems arose everyday specially that renewal of Identification is going on for our stakeholders. I wish this coming month my health will be totally fine so that I can already buy Phentermine for my diet regimen. Please help me pray guys.

Better Late than Never Posted!

Three weeks ago I was able to make my birthday present for my big bosses. I wasn't able to post this on the exact dates of their birthday hence I am not really feeling well. As I am browsing this morning, I came across of their pictures so I decided to post it even its too late. It was my first online scrap art, I just use the freebies available so its not that detailed. I gave it to them with complete accessories and they both like it. It feels good though its not that expensive... wink!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mood swing!

Glitter Words
[ - *Glitter Words*]
Lately I've been so lazy going online. I am still recovering on my migraine attacks. Pain is  lighter now than before but still I can't stay long infront of the computer. Sometimes if I have in the mood I can hop and drop as much as I want but if am  not, I just stare the pc and told myself, bukas na lang!  I miss a lot of opportunities and sad to say no more $$$ coming in, whew! Anyways, I just wish my mood will go back to normal. To all my regular droppers and visitors, thank you for keeping my two sites alive. God bless you all!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Haven's Place

Last week, I had a chance to chat with my cousin who was working abroad for a long time. She told me that the temperature is US is rising up and they can't stay long outside hence they might be experiencing hit stroke. I asked her if they have a plan to go home here in the Philippines but she told me they can't hence her husband Jerry already book for a vacation at Caribbean, Hmmm... I ask her if they will be staying at St. Martin villa rentals and she told me, maybe...Well, good for her at least they will have a break together as husband and wife thus its been 8 years since they got married yet no progress yet to have a baby. I just wish this time will be a big success!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

My niece loves her boots

September is called Intramural month hence, most of the schools are celebrating this event here in our place. Regularly it lasted for 5 long days so that students can go relax and show their sports potentials. Last week my niece is keep on reminding her mom about the boots she will be wearing on the parade thus she is a newly recruit member of the band corps. Her dad is teasing her and told my niece that he is willing to to lend his UGG Australia boots so that she will be look great during the parade. My niece laugh and naughtily answered , don't you worry dad in few years time I will wear that one, so you better watch out.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Struggling still...

I feel sad when I can't update my blog. It's been 6 days since my last post because I can't really stay long in front of the computer. Added fact that I was not in the mood of writing hence am still struggling with migraine attacks. It was so painful but despite of that am still taking my time to hop and drop once in a while, pasaway pa rin talaga! Am glad that I am feeling better now and hoping it will continue this coming days. Just bear with me guys.... Thanks!

Good supply

As part of the maintenance routine of our plumbers and technicians. I always require them to have a daily report and weekly inventory of the supplies to be needed for the fixtures of the our building. Two weeks ago, we need to close one main area of restroom for a monthly maintenance repair and our plumber reported to me that they will be needing spring plungers for one of the basin. Good thing was our supplier never fails to give us a good supply of the materials we needed everyday and am very happy about it hence our operation is never hampered.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thinking about it!

When I was diagnosed to have a bad dry cough, I was forced to stop my diet to give way for my medication. At first, I continued eating less but my stomach can't bear the pain cause by the medicines am taking in. I always fill dizzy and feel like vomiting all the time, my hyper acidity attacks added me burden. Now, my cough is almost over and I am thinking to continue my diet but I still need one or two weeks more hence I need to prepare my system thus my body is used that I am eating rice in the past few weeks. Whew, what a shame hence in a three weeks I gain weight , my belly is start bulging again, how sad. Last night I am thinking of using another alternative hence discount diet pills is available and I can buy it over the counter. I am not that decided yet but I will post it here soon.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


You may wonder why am not that active lately with my blogging activities, its because of migraine attack. It's been 4 days and still hitting me so badly and I can't stay long infront of my pc. I hope I can feel better soon... Peeps, sorry if I can't return your drops regularly, babawi ako promise...

Discover your Digital Potential!

When I started working at the government's office, I never thought that I have potentials in video editing. When our city administrator make a team for the state of the city address, luckily I was chosen to handle one of the sector. Since it is a new administration, our CA wanted something new and deviate from the traditional reading of accomplishments. During our brain storming, a video presentation idea comes up and after deliberation, the team decided to use it as a final medium for the SOCA presentation of the local chief executive. As a neophyte in making documentation I was so excited during the actual taking of videos, at first I was so hesitant in handling the camera hence I am afraid that I might destroy it. It was a funny experience but when I have given a change to take my own video shot for my sector, I discovered that I have a gift for it. My mentors appreciates the shot and It was so overwhelming when our senior documentary editor told me that my takes was like a pro. Those encouraging words from my mentors makes me more inspired of what I am doing. Actually, I already shared my short video clip to my Aunt in Canada through Roxio Extreme Digital Makeover. It is a modern way of showing our potentials online. Actually this innovative idea can be use in making commercial clips or digital short films. I am encouraging my fellow neophytes to use this product and be a director or be star in your own way.Sponsored by Roxio Digital Makeover

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Firefox Mozilla Error affects my E-Card Dropping!

Since yesterday I had a hard time with my internet browser Firefox Mozilla. Every time I will open numerous tabs lets say with an average of 5 sites it will automatically shut off and will notify you "Firefox.exe has encountered a problem and needs to closed. We are sorry for the inconveneince". Huhuhu, I miss dropping E-cards, as much I would like to do it my browser is not that cooperative. I tried to shift with the Internet Explorer but the speed is killing me. I hope FF will fix their problem as soonest as possible. Peeps, I will return your drops promise...

Banzai Fix Online

Every time I got bored, one diversion that I'd have is the internet. My personal computer is considered my favorite toy. Even I left alone at home, I can always find somebody to chat with and of course connect with my buddies through my blog sites. One activity that I am hook nowadays is playing online games, though am not an expert with those games and lost most of the time, its totally fine thus what matters to me is I am enjoying the games I am playing. Nowadays, playing online games is one of the bonding activity that I use to do with my nieces and nephew. They usually tease me every time I lost and they really laughing their hearts out. This newly launched online games will be another hit for me, Andrei, Alxia and Aleighx hence I myself love the character of Banzai. Now, I can imagine how loud the laugh of the kids when will start playing this game specially were using chopsticks to win the game. My excitement is now flowing my nerves and can't wait to play Banzai with them soon. For sure it will be a big hit online not only for kids but also to the young at heart like me. It is now available in grab your copy now and lets play Banzai. ScreenLife Games is at it again. They launched a new Banzai game. Check it out:Sponsored by Screenlife Games

Monday, September 1, 2008

August TOP 10 E-Dropper

Here are my top 10 E-card droppers for the month of August!

Lainy's Musings 31
Our Journey to Forever 29
Acakadut 29
Snapshotcap 28
Memories Frozen in Time 28
Kuerdas! 28
Cutie Booty Cakes 25
The Positive Side 25
Passport2Cruising 23

Thank you guys for always dropping at my site. To all my friends who drops by once in a while, thank you also and I hope your names will be included in my list next month. Salamat!

Victory Hair

When I heard about Ultimate Flirting Championship, the first thought that comes in my mind is having a good looks. Yes, physical attributes is a plus factor specially if your aiming to become a star in your chosen field. We cannot deny the fact that the impression you leave for the first time with your employer, client or any acquaintances is always be remembered. One physical aspect that I consider to have lasting impression is having a Victory Hair. Personally, my own definition of victory hair is having long, shinny, bouncy and damage free hair. It is where a person can't take off his eyes when he sees you walking and can't control himself touching those beautiful hair of yours. Achieving great looking hair is an investment, earned by hard work and of course runs in the genes. To date, we should be very thankful that stylish guru like Extreme Style by VO5 is there to help us achieve the our own version of victorious hair. With their new technology and expertise, they can make a difference in you. There will be no more bad hair days and you can say goodbye to flaky,dry and damage hair. With their help you can now say hello tomorrow and goodbye yesterday hence a new you is born today. Now, is your time to shine and be a shinning star in your own way.

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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Working hard!

I am glad that this month I was able to drop 300 EC's almost everyday! I just wish that I can continue this momentum next month so that my traffic will soar high again, hehehe.. To all my loyal droppers a million of thanks... GOD BLESS!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Now is the Time!


Supporters of Presidential candidate Obama is overwhelmingly launched a Giant Obama Bumper Stickers to show their love and support for this wonderful and strong willed man. The stickers are beautifully crafted and very unique. This project is truly innovative with a purpose of campaigning and giving all out support for Sen. Obama and hoping for him to conquer the seat of presidency and will be declare to be the first ever American-African president in the history of United States. To those who wanted to have change and be part of this project, stickers are now available for you. Just click and visit this site Now is our time. Post your stickers now and be part of the change now.Post?slot_id=19110&url=http%3a%2f%2fsocialspark

Household Galore!

I woke up as early as 4 am today to prepare myself for a whole day battle of doing household chores. Saturday is a regular wash day for me but today the volume is tripled. It's the first time that we merge all the curtains, bedsheets and others to our Saturday wash load. Waaaaaahhh, imagine mom and I started our laundry chores as early as 5 and we finished doing all the stuff at around 11 in the morning and then am rushing to cook lunch because my nephew is keep on complaining "tita tom jones na ako." Whatta...whatta day for us!

Bedroom Furniture Make-Over!

A week ago, my youngest brother discussed about our home furniture. He suggested to my mom and dad to have one extra sofa or a couch for our living room. We search some designs online and we find one that we agreed to buy this coming December. While I am browsing, I am thinking of changing my bed and upgrading its size hence my nephew is sleeping with me. He is growing very fast so I have to buy a bigger sleeping bed for the two of us. I am glad to come across with this site and I am truly inspired not only for the furniture products offered but most of all the the big discount they are offering for their valued customers. Since, my interest is to make over my sleeping bed, I am happy when I've learned that they have discount bedroom furniture. Wow, it is very timely and it would be a wonderful chance for me to have a quality, durable and elegant bedroom furniture. I can't wait to have one this coming days. I am sure my nephew Andrei would also be very excited for this development. I am now preparing my budget for this new project of mine and really wishing I can have one as soon as possible. Sponsored by The Bedroom Space

Adverse Effect of Guaifenesin

Last week, I was diagnosed by my doctor to have a bad dry cough. As part of my medication, he gave me Guaifenesin which I used to take even before. Since, I am limiting my food intake because am getting huge hehehe... every time I take this med, I feel like vomiting and floating in the air. My stomach is always aching cause I feel the acid flux. This morning, unintentionally, I grab the box of my medicine and read the labels. To my surprise, what am feeling right now is the adverse effect of the medicine. I need to eat plenty specially solid food and carbohydrates so that nausea will not be felt that bad. Huhuhu... I was force to eat rice again but I promise when am through with my medication I will go back on dieting. wink!

Friday, August 29, 2008

I miss those days!

When were still young and my brothers were not yet married, the three of us always adhere our parents to go to a resort or a park and have picnic. I myself voluntarily prepares the menu and of course gourmet food is always in my list. As the only girl among siblings,my mom used to trained me to prepare and cook food for the family. Though I don't attend formal school for cooking but I can say I knew the basics of cooking and preparing different kinds of dishes. I learned all this skills through observing others while cooking, reading cook books and magazines, research and of course experimenting. To date, every time we are planning to have a picnic, I don't asked my brothers anymore what to prepare but I prefer to asked their kids what they wanted to have in the picnic baskets. My nieces loves side dishes with cheese and my nephew always reminded me about his favorite dessert. I feel very happy when they love the food I've prepared specially if my father appreciates my cooking, that's an awesome feeling for me hence he is quite picky specially how the food is prepared and served. Last Sunday, we had a chance to go out because all of us were complete in the family. As usual, I do all the cooking but it's alright, I am enjoying what am doing specially if is for my family. Sponsored by Dean and Deluca


Yepey! finally, I've got a total make-over of my two sites Reveiling Oneself and Briggs Time for Escapades. I would like to thank Ivy of Chic Designer for this work of art. She is really amazing, all the color combination that I would like to be seen in my page was there and it looks great. I really love it! My blog sites looks awesome hehehehe.... I would like also to thank Ellaine for introducing me to Ivy who've got a magic hand. If you wanted to have your own blog make over just leave a comment here and I will refer you to Ivy. Guys, am telling you the cost of her designs is worth paying for.