Saturday, January 5, 2008

1st tagged for the year : My 2007 Blues and Bliss

This is the first tagged I've received from Ellaine for year 2008. So grateful to her cause she is the reason why am here hehehehehe. Thanks girl for the friendship and continues support...(",)

Looking back to year 2007, it was been good to me so long with my family. It was a wonderful year though a lot of unexpected things hit me, but to some it up it was been great GOD's love and blessings was been felt and it continuously pouring!

My 2007 Blues:

1. As early as FIRST QUARTER of 2007, I've experienced one of my saddest moment. Been hurt badly am referring to my personal life. Have to let go a person whom I love not because I don't love him anymore but that's how great my Love for him. (just followed the quotable quotes " If you really love someone, you must set him free"! We decided to separate ways because of distance and no 3rd party involved. We can't really be together as much as we want too cause of his " CALLING".

2. I wasn't able to continue my plans of taking up Medical Transcription course cause been busy with work and am also hesitant to enrolled in any school here in the City cause i want to study in Davao City.

3. I leave my Special Technical Division Team cause I was transfered to a new office. What makes me blue here was, am gonna miss my gurl group. We've been working together for almost 3 years from our Planning Office till were hand pick to manned the STD division.

4. My bestfriend had a car accident that almost killed him.I was so down when I learned of what happened. His car was totally wrecked which was bump by a weena passenger bus.

5. One of the Saddest moment in our family last year was the passing away of my grandmother. The beloved mom of my dear papa.She died at the age of 92.

My 2007 Bliss:

1. Meeting new friends online with the person of Scott and Ellaine was one of my blessings last year. They have been very supportive to me. I am so thankful that GOD gave me a chance to know them both though we've not meet yet personally. But very soon this year it will happen hehehehehe...

2. Trust and Confidence from my BOSSES- been grateful to them for opening a new opportunity to explore my capacity and capabilities. I was designated as Acting Admin Officer for the newly build Integrated Transport Station. The task is hard but little by little i learn to love what am doing. I've started from scratch but now I can say am more than halfway to impose a strategic, well-organized, well-imposed and well-discipline management system.Thanks to my co-employees for being a good team player.

3. My family is intact, we are all safe and sound!

4. Got a chance to reunite with my bestfriend who's staying in Davao City as well as to my super duper gurl friend partner Ethel dear. Though I just spend hours with them but It was timeless hehehehe... our bonding is indeed quality and precious.

5. One big achievement we ran the ITS hitting our quota just in time. We had a successful year-end party and of course the number of days i lobbied for my staff was approved December 31,2007. A good end for my me as well as to my staff and for sure a good START for the ALL OF US.

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Wish you more blessing for the year 2008! Cheers!


Scotty's Princess said...

WOW, te! Salamat! Scott and I are so blessed too of having friends online like you especially coming from the faith and a minister's daughter pa, wheeeew! We are truly blessed talaga. Hope we could get to meet you in the flesh real soon... Stay safe and cheers for a more blissful 2008 to you and your family!

briggs said...

thanks gurl... am looking forward to meet the prince and her princess hehehehe very very soon!

Yellow Blade said...

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