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The city of Kidapawan is located at the southeastern portion of the province of Cotabato. It lies 7 degrees north latitude, 125 degrees longitude. It is located almost midway between the cities of Davao and Cotabato at a distance of 110 and 120 kilometers, respectively.

It is bounded on the north by the municipalities of Pres. Roxas and Magpet, on the south of Makilala, on the southwest by M'lang, and on the northwest by Matalam. The city has a total land are of 33,926.4 hectares, about 5,036.4 hectares of which are timberland.

Nestling at the foot of Mt. APO at an elevation between 264 to 279 meters above-sea level, the city spans a rolling area of fragile volcanic land shaped like a butterfly net. The forest of the majestic MT. APO- towering 10,311 feet above sea level-carpet its apex on the eastern portion. The Apo mountain ranges stretch out from the north to the eastern part of the City. Half of its highest ridge serves as the boundary of Cotabato and Davao del Sur Provinces.

Kidapawan's climate falls under the fourth type characterized by an even distribution of rainfall year round. Dry season stretches from November to May with February as the driest month, July and August as the wettest months. Rainfall ranges from 2.7 inches during summer and as high as 12.09 inches in July.Kidapawan being at a higher elevation enjoys a moderate temperature that registers at 27.5 degree Celsius, which is similar to Makilala and Mt. Apo.

Kidapawan's strategic location at the foothills of Mt. Apo provide the city with vast tourism potentials waiting to be tapped. Alluring panoramic scenes such as Mt. Apo's twin peaks breathtaking waterfalls, lakes and lagoons, endemic flora and fauna, as well as favorable peace and order conditions all contribute to the City's tourism potentials.

Major Tourist attractions include:

MT. APO - the Philippines' tallest peak and home to the almost extinct Philippine Eagle; a majestic mountain surrounded by moss-covered century-old trees, captivating flora and fauna,sulfur craters and massive boulders.It is one of the most visited summer respites of local and foreign tourists, occupying a total land area of 72,769 hectares of rainforest.

LAKE VENADO - a lake hidden among the mountain ranges at an elevation of 7,200 feet above sea level- making it the highest lake in the Philippines. It's crystal-clear waters mirror the twin peaks of MT. APO.

LAKE AGCO- a steaming blue lake where hot and cold springs converge at an elevation of 4,200 feet above sea level. It is five kilometers away from the jump-off point at Barangay Ilomavis.

MARBEL FALLS- a hidden twin falls about 60-70 feet high surrounded by hot springs.

MAWIG FALLS - located in Barangay Balabagm it is the source of the crystal-clear Matingao River.

MANDARANGAN GEOLOGICAL SITE - A major educational tourism site within the Mt. Apo Natural known to the locas as "gamay nga bulkan" (little volcano).

PNOC-EDC GEOTHERMAL POWER PLANT - established more than a decade ago, the Mt. Apo Geothermal Power Plant of the Philippine National Oil Company-Energy Development Corporation is the single biggest investment in the city of Kidapawan. It generates a total of 104 megawatts of electricity that powers industrial plants in Mindanao. Situated in the southwest portion of the Mt. APO Natural Park, the geothermal plant is by itself a landmark and a tourist attraction.

FRUIT FARMS AND ORCHARDS - Kidapawan is home of vast plantations of exotic tropical fruits like durian, mangosteen, mango,

lanzones, marang, rambutan and bananas, the reason why it is known as the City of Fruits. These plantations are now among the major tourist attractions in the city.

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