Thursday, January 3, 2008


He's the man known to everyone... a man of the world, he's called. For the money he works hard, toils with all his might. With neither holidays nor holy days to mind. So, immersed and obsessed in the bettering his lot. He'd stop at nothing, even cheat, bribe, or con, Pull strings, if not pull the trigger on anyone.To make the most of everything he lays his hands. On and on he goes, eyeing profit for his every stride.

Then, after every good deal he closes, he'd travel, To wine and dine at the lushest of brasseries, Don the finest of wardrobes and jewelries, Ride the fanciest of cars, yachts, jets, or what have you. And, as though these weren't enough, he'd revel. Twist and dirty-dance to the tune of whoremongery. Get high and bungee-jump down to the pit of perversity.Quench the most pruprient urges of his hedonic psyche.

But then, one daybreak, at the end of his wild partying, just before the arteries of his all-used-up body would erupt, In tipsiness, he glanced at what's left of the cognac on his hands and saw for the first time his life for what it really was beyond the distorted reflection of his face on the glass. The sound of his laughter was different this time, When he said with bitter tears 'round his eyes. " This EMPTY bottle in my life!" This Empty, wasted bottle in my....."

No sooner had he finished saying this than his stone-cold heart gave in his weight then crashed onto the floor, breaking his spine and limbs and so there he laid, all alone, helplessly wondering what had hit him as he excruciatingly bid goodbye to all that he had sweat blood for, regretting, albeit too late, not having found life's true worth....

i hope you can relate on this... GOD BLESS!

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