Friday, January 4, 2008

FeAtUrInG mY sPeCiAL TeCHniCaL DiViSiOn TeAM

It's nearly 7 months when i was away with my former office, the SPECIAL TECHNICAL DIVISION of the City. Am one of the pioneer of this team. Originally were 8 in the group headed by City Mayor. The team was created to augment the needs of the City Local Chief specially with their special priority projects. The team is personally hand pick by the head through the help of our City Administrator that acted as our Senior adviser.

After a year our team welcomes another 2 versatile personnel as a support staff.I stayed more than 2 years in this division before i was transfered to the newly operational ITS which am handling the Administrative Office and as a support staff to the Operation Manager. I miss my gurl teammates... Yes, out of 10 members 7 of which are gurls... Actually, my STD team is known as GURL pOWER office,mind you we can do anything hehehhehe.... from designing (photoshop,auto cadd) , project proposal writing, project feasibility study packaging, lay-outing, photography, video editing, script writing,documentary and a lot more. Each member has their own forte, so we share our expertise to the team, so no wonder we always succeeded in our handled projects.

One of the major project our team handled was the Kidapawan City Integrated Transport Station, wherein am working right now. It is a multi-million special priority project of the Local Government Unit. In fact, this project was the biggest and most successful project of the city for the year 2007. The KCITS project was known because of its world class design for an Overland Terminal. First of a kind in the Mindanao Region.

Another multi-million project were handling was Secondary Education Development and Improvement Project (SEDIP) funded by Japan Government wherein more than 100 newly build buildings,classrooms, laboratories and equipment were included in this package. Benefiting more than 21 Secondary Schools in the entire city of Kidapawan.

So long with this are the infrastructure projects in the 40 barangays of the city, to mentioned the development of the AGCO MOUNTAIN SPA RESORT, which is one of the tourist attraction of the city.

Am so thankful and proud i was part of this group wherein i developed my skills in technical writing and trained me to be more knowledgeable in development projects.i owe a lot in my team, cause am not be as strong, confident and competent in my field without them.

Hmmm.... i miss working with them again, but its next to impossible now cause most of my teammates were in Dubai for more than a month now.... They were only 2left in the office,whew..... so sad cause pioneers of the team leave the office but for a good reason.... Frankly speaking cause of financial reason! It's understandable hence were not really well compensated compared with others.Am not bragging or carrying my chair but our task can be matched with consultancy works.

Anyways, am not part of the team now... but am still in spirit with them hehehehe.... Am happy were i am now, though i started from scratched when i was transfered to the ITS but now I've started building my castle hahahahahaha...... am enjoying my stay, my team and i love my work cause after 7 months of blood, tears and sweat i can see that our system is set and were operating with flying colors.....

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