Sunday, January 6, 2008

Got a tag #2: 8 things that am grateful for

Got my second tagged for this year from my new blogpals Rhon and Rj(",) thanks guys, am so grateful to have you here.

Actually, my new pals has their own version English and Filipino but i will combine both para maiba naman hhahahahah!


1. Am so thankful cause GOD gave me another year.I started the year right, My family is healthy and were happy together. Of course here I am alive and blogging hehehehe... Obvious ba?

2. Feel blessed to have new friends online special mention Rhon and Rj who tagged me hehehehehe... Really am so grateful to have you here guys, am speaking from my heart.You inspired me to do more blogs... Alam nyo ba na ang saya saya ko ng nakita kong may mensahe kayo sa akin at dahil sa inyo may ganitong tagged ako ngayon.Salamat sa pagtanggap sa link ko... sana wag kayong magsawa bumisita at silipin ang page ko! God bless you both.

3.To my 3 bestfriends who always been there for me... for their time, love, understanding and support specially when I needed them most. Love you Bes, Ethel dear and Ember!Kahit di na gaano tayo nagkakasama gaya ng dati pero alam ko kahit na malayo tyo sa isa't isa, our friendship still lingers in our heart!

4. For my bosses, for their trust and confidence on me. For giving me new opportunity to explore my abilities and capabilities of leading a team.Kahit na minsan, biglaan lahat ng decision nyo na kung saan ako ilagay na position, salamat pa rin hehehehe!

5. My staff and co-employees who have been very cooperative and being a team player. The success of handling KCITS operation and management could not be achieve without their help. Thanks guys, I salute you ALL! Wala akong masabi sa suporta at respect na binibigay sa akin.

6. My beloved nephew Andrei Briggs who makes me smile everyday... He inspired me to be a better person everyday, he taught me lengthen my patience cause he is so makulit. For loving tita very much, he can't sleep without tita beside him hehehehe... no wonder cause he grown up with us and tita really takes care of him.Love you dey2...mwahhhhhh........Sana lumaki kang good boy hehehe!

7. To all the people around me, for being so nice. I learned a lot from you folks. I may not be so vocal but my heart really speaks so grateful to be part of your lives.
Ang dami kong natutunan sa inyo sa pakikisalamuha ko araw araw. Salamat sa pagiging totoo tao sa akin,kahit na bihira lang tayo makapag-usap ng husto pero gusto kong malaman nyo na nasa puso ko kayo lagi.

8. Mostly, to my family cause they are my life. Am not complete without them. I love them so much. Thank you for loving me unconditionally, for the never ending support specially when am so down and i needed a hand to catch me when am about to fall. For lifting my spirit everyday and inspiring me to be good and a better person as always... LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Am passing the tagged to Ellaine, Twerlyn and Francine!

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