Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Thanks GOD for another year!

My whole family welcome the year with a prayer. I feel so blessed and very grateful to GOD cause my family is complete, they are all healthy except me hehehehe... but i will be fine soon with the help of our LORD GOD.

We ate and drink together then watch the fireworks outside.We enjoyed every spark of light in the sky, it's really amazing. In fact, my nephew Andrei is shouting every time he saw a blast of a very colorful ray of light. He enjoyed a lot and so we are hehehehe. We stayed almost an hour outside enjoying the fireworks display prepared by our neighbors hehehehe...

Personally, I welcome the year pleasantly... I hope this year would be great, not only for me and my family, but for everyone.I wish this year will bring more blessings to everyone, peace in the whole world, joy to every family and freedom for our CHURCH so that we can propagate more the words of GOD.

Happy New Year, everyone...WELCOME 2008...

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