Friday, January 11, 2008

tagged #4: Love and Hate Tag

Two tagged in a row from Twerlyn.... thanks again!

1. I love to eat: Fresh Fruits and Vegetables with Roasted Chicken

2. I hate to eat: I don't eat Dinuguan....

3. I love to go: to nature parks

4. I hate to go: to uninteresting place

5. I love it when: my nephew is kissing me and saying i love you tita

6. I hate it when: somebody is making gossips out of me

7. I love to see: the beautiful things in this world.

8. I hate to see: my staff frowning

9. I love to hear: Gerald Santos soulful voice

10. I hate to hear: when Andrei is crying.... its very loud....

Am passing this tagged to Bless, Cris A and Ellaine

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idealpinkrose said...

hi sis! thanks for your vote..i appreciate it a lot! mwaaahhh...