Saturday, March 29, 2008

My guide to web hosting

As an online enthusiast, I love surfing and hopping from one site to another. Am fascinated how internet really connects and touches lives of people all around the world. But along with this interest of mine, I wonder how sites becomes successful and most of all making a lot of bucks from it.

In exactly 4 months of blogging, I've experienced difficulties in some sites, there are times it was shut down, encounters error connection and other technical problems. Personally, as a blogger, I hate such scenario because it really cracks my nerves hehehehe, I can't stretch my patience on that matter.

Actually, I have friends who have their own domains now and apparently convincing me to get my own for my blogging activities, but I'm quite hesitant because of technicalities. A good friend whom I call master, happened to share his knowledge on web hosting. He never fails to remind me that if I where gonna buy a domain, I must have a guide on choosing a good web hosting company that will satisfy my expectations, fits my budget but will still provide some level of speed and reability, free support if encounters technical problems, safe and most of all have a good reputation.

There are many web hosting companies around the globe but am glad that I have found the best web hosting company that offers a good deal to me. Thank you master for parting great ideas once again.


mano said...

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