Friday, March 21, 2008


When I've started blogging, I thought it is only for fun, meeting new friends on the blogsphere and write anything what's on your mind. But my views change when I've learned that you can earned money while blogging which most of my online friends does. Actually, I envied them for earning much on paid blogs. But not now because I've got approval from Smorty after 3 days of sending my application. It's been months that my friends were convincing me to join them and I am happy to say now, that I am IN.

Yes guys, you heard it right am into SMORTY now. This site is truly sincere to its commitment, they really gave value to our time. Another indulging fact is it will give us a chance to earn extra income through blogging activities. I can't wait to blog for money which gave opportunities to a lot of bloggers not just to have extra cash but most of all be known to other sites. What a great idea isn't it, being paid while enjoying and expressing your thoughts in the cyberspace.

Blog advertising is the fastest way to make money online, wherein bloggers can increases their income by just grabbing offers and blogging around . From now on, I can now have a chance to advertise on blogs that surely give me extra cash, yepey. I'm so excited to get paid for blogging and get paid to blog while increasing my traffic everyday. I know it will be very challenging but in a long run fulfilling and profitable in my part.

I can say that I'm Smarter now to have Smorty in my life.


Josh of Arabia said...

kmsta na ikaw..

kudos for having Smorty w/ you. Alas, i jst closed mine since i cant accessed wd paypal..

enjoy then ur semi-pro blogging :)

briggs said...

@Josh: Am doing good! Yeah, i tried paid blogging for the 1st time with smorty... don't know how far can I go from here hehehehe.... ingatz and GOD BLESS!

Michelle said...

wow, approve kana sa smorty. have fun and earn while blogging. :)

briggs said...

@Michelle: Lagi,gurl na approve na daw hehehe... pero wala pa kita hangtud karon....