Monday, April 28, 2008

I need Instant Cash

When I arrive at the office this morning, my staff approached me immediately and told me that we are running out supplies for our visitors. I instructed them to double check the inventory so that we can easily procure for the second quarter. While having some conversation with them, we talk about the rice crisis situation that alarms not only here in our place but also with neighboring towns. I told them food crisis is not only our country's major concern but all over the world. As we continue our discussion, one of my staff from maintenance section approach me and ask if I have some cash because her daughter is in the hospital. I pity her hence I love helping her but I don't have enough money to lend her this time since I'm also sick and my medication is continuous.

When she left at my table, I was stack in my seat and thinking if where I could get some extra cash or should I say instant cash. I remember one time when I was surfing the net I heard about cash loan online that offers quick and easy cash specially during emergencies. It is called Payday loans , the best and fastest solution to have instant cash in our hands. Not only that, it is very easy to apply because they don't require any collateral, all they need is the applicant's signature. They gave short-term loans ranging from the amount of $100 up to $1,500 and no sweat at all in availing their offer because transfer of money will be done electronically, once your application is approved, terms and conditions were fully set, bingo, instant cash will be at your hand. Cool !

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