Saturday, April 26, 2008

I signed up for PPP

Yepey, after such a long time my application for payperpost is now approved. Am so happy because I'm really waiting this for almost 3 months now. I can't really express how merry I am this very moment. Even I'm sick from my travel at Cayagan de Oro City, seems like I'm feeling ok hahaha. That's how PPP touches my senses. Wow, I feel so great, thank you PPP for giving me a chance to do some online jobs. I'm so excited to post my first ever OPPS here.

I've known payperpost from my online friends since last year. In fact, they keep on encouraging me to submit my application but I was so hesitant to submit my page hence I'm afraid to be rejected. I told them I'll just let my page reach the right age then I will apply for payperpost. Though the approval of PPP on my page took a long time, it doesn't matter what's important is I am now a certified member. My waiting is really worth it.

Now, that I am a newbie member for sure payperpost will become a word of my mouth and spreading of the good news will be surely done by me. I will surely encourage them to sign up PPP to have extra income not in peso but of course in $$$$, whew, it's gonna be fun!

I can now experience what my online friends told me about PPP. Aside from earning big bucks, I should be ready in chasing OPPS hehehehe. Can't wait for that, I am very excited! Hmmm... my income here will be for my tuition fee because I'm planning to take my masters this coming school year. GOD is so good to me, the timing of PPP's approval is certainly perfect. payperpost is truly a heaven's sent to me, I'm so blessed!

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