Saturday, April 5, 2008

A new chance... Another Great Opportunity

Most of my officemates usually complaint about their financial needs and opted for loans whenever they have financial constraints. But often times they have a hard time to renew their credit lines because some of them had a bad credit loans which greatly affects their credit ratings.

I learned from a good friend who is working in a bank that most of the financial/lending institution experience irregularities nowadays in their payback system. He added any lending company experiencing low turn over rates faces a lot of consequences and much more difficult for them to approved loans if a customer got one bad credit credit card line because it plays a significant role in granting a loan.

Life is really getting tough everyday. I pity to those who need cash but have been repeatedly turned down by a lender to have a personal loan because of the bad credit ratings given. I do understand why lenders take such action hence undeniably they need to protect themselves from bankruptcy.

But goodness still lives on despite of this worsen scenario because other lenders still believes in giving a second chance. A good opportunity to rebuild their dreams and reconstruct their futures. .

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