Sunday, April 27, 2008

Still Lucky Me....

It's just yesterday when triple P gave their approval on my page but they already gave me 3 opps. i'M So lucky, thanks triple P. Though I'm still not feeling well but with the developments I'm having nowadays, it helps for my speedy recovery.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my mentor on blogsphere Ellaine for being so supportive of me and keeping me company whenever I have inquiries about paid bloggings. Twerlermz for sharing the techniques on how to catch Opps, this pretty preggy friend really inspires me to chase opps specially in triple P. She is very good on that believe me hehehhee, Of course to Master Jessie, who keeps on reminding me to maximize my page, he is one of the blogger that I admire most not only that his earning big bucks but mostly for his dedication on his craft, he never sacrifices the quality of his page in replacement of money!

Thanks guys.... love you all!


Lerlyn said...

wow ate bing! first day palang yan ha , hataw kana agad! hehe, congrats!!!

Staring pa jud akong name da, bukad akong atay hehe! nasad.

Lainy said...

OI! Starring pud diay ko dinhe! hehehe!

Go!Go!GO! te! Im happy ur one of us na.

You can Go HATAW with u pr 2 now, hehehe! goodluck for more $$$!