Monday, April 7, 2008

Surprise Package!

Last Friday I received a text message from my mom informing me that a postman hand in a notice to her under my name and advising to get my parcel at the post office. I wonder where it came from coz am not expecting to received any from my friends.

I was excited to know who sent the package... Before going to the office, I asked my Kuya to accompany me to the post office to claim my parcel. When we reach the place I immediately go to window 1 and hand in the notice to the personnel in-charge. After paying the storage fee, the personnel told me to enter the room and get my parcel coz its big. My heart pumps fast for excitement, when I saw the box ... I immediately look for the name of the sender and I have a big smile when I knew that JOVEE sent me a surprise package. happy coz theres a lot of yummy goodies inside the box. Wanna share a part of goodies inside the package.Thanks Jovee, you really surprise me! By the way Jovee is my Fil-Am friend who is a native of Ilocos but currently attending his training for Bureau of Correction in California.


Michelle said...

wow, the goodies looks good. you are a lucky girl who have a good friend who sent you that stuff. enjoy the goodies. :)

briggs said...

LAgi, gurl... as in surprise jud oi! Gipang share lagi ang blessings para daghan ang happy!