Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bible Land Cruise

I grew up with a Christian life. Our parents inculcated our minds with the teachings of God. As early as the age of 3 we are trained to worship God through attending our Sunday worship service. I remember one time that we attended a Christian Cruise we travel along way to participate in teaching the Gospel of God. That was a very tiring yet fulfilling activity experience for me.

On my youth days, our organization used to sponsored a Bible Cruise , as a president of our group I lead them to invite our classmates, teachers, friends, neighbors and relatives who are not with us in faith. This experience molded me to became more responsible not only on spreading our faith but giving me time to discover who really am in my faith. It makes me more matured and broadens my understanding on how to deal life with norms while enjoying all it has to offer.

To date, I am still active in the continuing activities of our church through various Christian Cruises held in different places in my city. Even how busy I am I see to it that I've done my share because I believe participating in every activities in spreading my faith, GOD will shower HIS blessings to me as well as to my whole family.

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