Friday, May 30, 2008

Black Friday Shopping!

Thirteen days preparation before my best friends Big Day. Everything is turning well for the whole event as it is plan. The dress is almost done and will be ready for pick up early next week. The bride and the groom is very busy in distributing the invitation and I will have my own copy later this evening hence they will be coming here in my place.

I myself is also preparing for the big event, I am planning to buy my own stuff specially the sandals and other things that I will be needing during the wedding. I am planning to shop on black friday
for the reason that it is my favorite time to go on shopping thus I own my time and most of all I save a lot because sale stuff awaits for the shopper like me. I will also plan to buy a gift for my beloved father hence father's day is fast approaching. What a timely shopping hehehehe, I know it will surely be enjoyable because quality products is on sale with a good price. Can't wait to go on shopping this coming Friday! I just wish I will be not out of cash hahahaha or else my bank would be very happy hence I will gonna use my credit card if ever. Anyways, I am really hoping for the best and have a great shopping.

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