Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Cheap Phone Card Provider

My bessie's wedding is fast approaching and were both busy in the preparation. When she told me that I will be here maid of honor, I knew that it would gonna be tough because I will play a very important role on her very special day. Last week, we had a chance to meet at Davao City to talk about the details of her upcoming big event and I'm just so thankful because we agreed easily on the details of the wedding preparations specially on dress were gonna used during the occasion.

It would be my first time to attend a beach wedding and I am very excited about it. Last Thursday we started scouting for the dress to be used by us. We hop from one wedding shop to the other but unluckily we haven't get any design that we like. We almost visited all the department stores and boutiques in the city yet, we haven't seen one we are looking for. To make the story short, we spent almost 8 hours looking for the designs we agreed but we go home empty handed.

At the same day, I arrive home late almost 11 o'clock in the evening hence I need to travel almost 2 hours to reach my city. That night, though very tired my mind is still alive and still thinking of the beach dress, so just to satisfy myself I browse the net and look for the designs that would look awesome during the wedding. When I found the designs that I've like, first hour in the morning I called up my bessie and shared what I've got for the dress.

Whew, its hard to finalize things to the fact I and my bessie are far from each other. I am just so thankful because I have available phone cards so that I can reach her and dada all the time. On that very moment the three of us dada, bessie and I decided to go for that dress and I will be the one to coordinate for the sewing of our dresses. Good thing was, I've already visited one gown designer here in my city before our meeting last Thursday and I have make some deal with them. Last Saturday when I offered the job the designer undoubtedly accepted the sewing job though most of her "modesta" are fully book because next month is a peak season for them. I really feel great because it is a big accomplishment on my part and bessie and dada would be very happy about it. Thanks God!

The deal was already closed and I already gave 80% down payment. I will just wait May 31st for the fitting of our dress. I just wish the result would be good as it looks on the original design. I am really praying for that!

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