Sunday, May 25, 2008

Combat Alcohol Boating Death


It's been a norm that Boating Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol is a big NO, NO, thus it is mostly the cause of fatal accident of some wannabees who doesn't follow that policy not only for Arizona but all over the world. To avoid such incidents a concern group from Arizona Boating takes it leap to help minimize the boating accidents cause by taking alcoholic drinks.

This year the group is really campaigning about Boating Education to combat Alcohol Related Boating Fatalities & Accidents. They are very serious about it hence, almost 50% of boating accidents in Arizona USA is alcohol related and it it indeed very alarming. In fact they had launched a Boating Education Online to educate people who loves boating. This online education teaches the boating enthusiast to know boating pro's and con's, the rules of navigation, laws and responsibilities so long with other boating safety tips like the usage of life jacket and a must have equipment in the boat while sailing . It also include topics that mostly encountered during the sailing operation such as carbon monoxide poisoning.

You too can help combat alcohol boating death by referring this link to your relatives and friends. Start to boat safe, boat smart and love your life!

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