Monday, May 19, 2008

Docker - flex your senses!


When I was still in Planning department, I was train as a technical person. In there I was train not just to write reports, project proposals and feasibility studies but most of all taking up videos for documentation purposes. Since I was exposed to videography and photography as well my interest expand into video editing. My first video editing challenge was way back March 2006. My tasked is to take video and edit the footage for Social activities undergone by our local chief executive. I am so flattered because I am part of the history of my beloved city hence we are the first team to conceptualized a video presentation for the State of the City Address.

Since then my interest in video editing is going intense. During my free time, I experiment using my video cam and transferred what I've captured the into my computer. It needs a lot of patience and determination to come up with a good video presentation. I am just so thankful that I have that courage now though there are times that I wanted to give up because of frustration.

Its my dream to direct one video project and how I wish I could even joined an event like Dockers contest. I know its possible but for now, I need more training and guidance of an expert to achieve my goal. For now, I am keeping myself focus on the path of my interest. With more patience, practice and determination I know I can succeed.

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