Wednesday, May 21, 2008

DOCKERS :The Classic Style


Yesterday, I miss a chance to submit my entry for Dockers contest, I feel sad about it hence from the start its my dream to joined a prestigious video contest. The twelve hours time allotment is not enough to create a video presentation with a good quality. Yup, I made my video draft for Dockers contest but honestly I am not satisfied with the content. I must admit I need more time to look for the Dockers products that I will be using as my material.

Giving a chance to submit an entry for Dockers contest is indeed a morale booster to a neophyte like me thus, It makes me more inspired and I treated it as a challenge in my capability to create a good quality video presentation. Though, I fail to submit it on time, this video project would be so much treasured by me. Honestly, I need more time to perfect this video entry of mine hence my time is very much restricted nowadays. I am overloaded with work since the beginning of this month and it is definitely continuous til June because it will be our First year anniversary. I feel the pressure right now because I was instructed to make a documentary video presentation in our one year operation. Of course, I can't say NO to my boss hehehe, who thus anyways?Sponsored by Dockers

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