Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Edu link service

When I started my blogging, I wasn't that aware of how important page visits, page viewers, traffics and page rank in my website. I really don't know how could they affects my page and what are the benefits I was getting from it until such I decided to go on paid post. I was then enlightened how significant the later mention when I was into paid blogging activities already. I as a blogger can testify now how beneficial to have those in my sites and I benefited from it even for just a short time.

Just recently, I was slapped with no page rank from the high of 3, I was so sad then because I know it would mean less opportunity for me then. I shared this thought with some of my fellow bloggers and they advice me to be more patient and visit sites that would help me gain back what I've lost.

When I was surfing for curiosity sake I came across with edu links where Ive learned that could be a great help to a blogger like me to increase my page visits. Edu link service is the answer to my prayers. This site has search engines that most companies are using to increase their page ranks. It could also assist you in making your own domains a most visited page by just simply joining them. They have all what you are looking for a service . One feature that I like in their service was the permanent links that never comes down. Once your a member they will guarantee you a texlinks for you to enjoy in a year but will never bring down your page, in a very affordable price of course.

Guys what are you waiting for get your links now at and start building your dynasty in the blogsphere.
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