Sunday, May 18, 2008

Go Green with Silk

My best friends wedding is nearly next month. Her dream to become June bride is upholding in her fingertips. Since I am the brides best friend I'll play one important role on that very special day, not only her maid of honor but of course her partner in coordinating her big day.

Few weeks back we have settled the whole entourage outfits and the sewing is on going now.Nowadays, what keeps us busy is conceptualizing the wedding decorations hence it will gonna be held at the beach. We decided to make it simple and unique as possible but of course with glam. We will be using a lot of indigenous materials blended with silk plants. We decided to use special kind of plants that looks real and fresh hence it is more advantageous than using the fresh one. But still we will not totally ignore the fresh plants thus we still be needing it in some part of the venue.

Yesterday, my best friend Ethel called me up and told me that she and Daddy Raul bought some of the materials and test how will it looks like if fully arranged. I just want to informed you guys that the bride is a certified artist, interior and exterior decorator and a certified wedding planner, so when she told me that the silk plants blended well with the other materials, I never doubted it thus she really has a good taste. I will see it by myself and do some critique maybe next week. I also visited the site of silkplants to get some ideas so that everything will take into places as it is planned.

Hmmm... personally I am very excited for my best friend because I know she is really in good hands with daddy Raul. I am really wishing them all the BEST of LUCK!Sponsored by Silk Fair

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