Monday, May 12, 2008

I signed up for Socialspark!

I heard about SocialSpark from my pretty friend Twerlyn and she convince me to sign up for the membership. When she told me that good news, I don't hesitate to click the link in her page and after 2 days they approved my application. I am very happy about the developments hence I know it would be another great opportunity for me to earned $$$$$ from this site.

Honestly, I am very excited to have my very first opps from Socialsparks. I keep on browsing my page and hoping that I've got one reservation from the open opportunities offered for hopefuls like me and very lucky indeed because Socialspark team never fails me, yepey they gave me one now.

What I want most about Socialspark is it 100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure, 100% transparency, 100% Real Opinions and most of all 100% Search Engine Friendly. Worry free from slapping my page rank, so nice isn't? I can post honest to goodness reviews without any hesitation.

In this you are not merely just earning extra income but most of all gaining more friends hence bloggers have given a chance to interact with his fellow bloggers all around the globe. One added feature that like most in Socialsparks is I will no longer chase for opportunities hence they will be the one who will offer opportunities to me which I am qualified. This site is treating me like a royalty hence what I'm gonna do is wait for the slot that I've applied for then if it's open they will automatically reserved it for me. Wow, I can't asked for more from this site.

I am adhering my friends who are non-members yet to join this wonderful site. This is one user's friendly site that anyone should have in their list. For now, I am enjoying my stay here hence I'm starting gaining friends while earning. Guys be Social and Spark in the blog sphere now.
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Samsara said...

SocialSpark spams. I received about 5 spammy emails from them in my super duper secret email accounts that I *only* use for specific networks.

Ergo, they bought my email address from some company I am with that SAID they do not give out my email address and they spammed me.

I do not get in bed with any company that spams and Social Spark is one such kind of crap.

Scotty's Princess said...

Hmmm. One thing i can say is that the disclosure badges will somehow affect our dealings with sites other than SS because some do not want to see disclosures on ooppss. All works done coming from SS are all disclosed... This is what Ive noticed from other sites who started working with SS te, and Lerma had it confirmed to me...