Friday, May 30, 2008

May Celebrants!

These are my two brothers... They are both May celebrants, My Kuya celebrated his birthday last May 14th and our bunso last May 28th. If you will look at the calendar their big days falls into wednesday so as me, my mom and my dad, very unusual to a family whose big days will fall into same day! Well, lucky us!

I and my siblings are very close to each other hence our parents molded us the importance of family ties. They are both married and have their own beautiful and handsome kids. Thanks to them cause my nieces and nephew really gave happiness to my parents. They are spoiled but not brats... They are the reason why Tita Bing is always out of budget hehehehe....


twinks said...

Oh sis..seeing your pic namimiss ko tuloy c bro ko.. hahay..
Its nice pag close kayo magkapatid ano?
Ingat po mwahugs! :]

Lerlyn said...

ka nice sa inyong bonding oi! mga good looking pa jud tanan!

naa ko tag for u te..."My First and Last"