Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My server sucks!

Since this morning my 3 year old nephew is keep on complaining about our internet connection. He is really in bad mood the whole day and always cried because he can't play toddlers online games because my server is not functioning well.

When I arrive home during lunch time, he keep on telling me Tita " bakit ayaw gumalaw" I just told him offline kasi but I know he is really not convince with me because he saw that the server connection is blinking yet the connection really sucks!

After office hour, I have a chance to check the connection again and its the same, wahhhhhh....I miss a lot, good thing was my SS time for submission of opps doesn't expire yet or else whew! It's 11:00 pm now yet my connection still not in its best. I just hope tomorrow when I wake up everything will be back to normal... how i wish!

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