Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Travel Personality

Thanks Sexy Francine for this tag!

I really love traveling specially with my set of friends. I love exploring places I haven't gone yet and enjoy the wonders of nature. Am an easy going type of a person, though my work is related on planning and others but when am traveling I don't usually stick on the original plans because it might just frustrate me if I will not be followed as it should be. So I prefer free flowing type of travel as long as it is safe and enjoyable.

Your Travel Personality Is: Easygoing

When you travel, you're looking for a lot of downtime. Vacations are your chance to recoup.

All you need is a scenic spot and plenty of time on your hands. You'll figure out the rest.

You're not one to make lots of plans when you travel. You just follow whatever path seems right.

I'm tagging RJ, Ellaine, Grace and Twerlyn

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