Monday, May 19, 2008

Social Spark is Alive and Kicking!

Two weeks ago a good friend of mine Twerlermz told me about SocialSpark and encourage me to sign up hence she is already a member. I was so excited when I heard the good news from her so I never hesitated to join this wonderful site.

I immediately visit the site and signed up as Bregie, I was so happy because after 2 days I got an approval and started taking opportunities available for me. One feature that I like most in SocialSpark is I will not spend more time in chasing opportunities thus once I apply for a slot, they will reserved it for me and my waiting would not be in vain.

In my 14 days to be exact as member I can't ask for more from this site because It never fails me to reserved opportunities. More advantageous in my part because it will give me additional income and I am very thankful for that wonderful blessings.

I am encouraging my fellow blogger to be a member of Socialspark thus it will help them to monitize their blogs, gain more friends like me by building a community and of course this site will increase our traffics which I definitely needed to gain back my PR . This site is a must have for a paid blogger like me hence It got everything that a blogger wish for, from hundreds of opportunities available, luxury of time to pass and edit our post and most of all it never fails us to give another chance if we fail to meet our deadline, whatta deal, so great!

Guys, it time for you to be Social and start to Spark like me! See yeah around!

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