Friday, May 30, 2008

These Pants could really Talk!


I am a pants person, I always wear pants where ever I go except for special occasions like party, church gathering and alike. But aside from that I always have my pants on. I feel comfortable whenever I wore pants specially my favorite pair of Dockers. One reason why I love pants is that it never goes out of style and I can pair it with stylish and glam blouses, plain or printed t-shirts and other fab tops. I feel confident every time I'm wearing pants and it really completes my day.

Good news to all pants lover like me because our favorite brand launched a Dockers contest. All pants wannabees are invited to join the said contest and encourage to write and share their personal stories about their pants and submit it in a form of video so that it could be an official entry for the Dockers contest and if chosen to be a winner it will be shown on television.

To all pants fanatics like me, it is now your time to shine and be discovered. Head on and show your creativity. With your pair of pants story you can experience a delightful and glamorous life ahead of you. Come and joined this once in a life time experience.Don't be left behind and be a Star. Visit this site and have fun
Sponsored by Dockers

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